Carrottus 1

Carrottus is is one of the basic tilesets in Jazz 2 and the second one used in the official levels.


The tileset is basically the outside gardens of the castle. It is 100% outdoors and includes things like vines and random plants. (And pumpkins?) It is easy to use. Unless this is you first time using JCS, it’s hard to make that many mistakes unless you do them on purpose. It is also one of the most used tileset.

Notable things about the tileset

  • The giant carrot has no bottom tile.
  • For some reason, there’s a radish.
  • The upper waterfalls have 2 waterfalls that have the same frame.
  • The sky and background has out of date masking.

Tileset edits

There have been a couple of edits to it. The biggest one is carrottus fix that fixes the mask a little, adds tiles and animations and edits the pallet.

Other versions

Official levels