ERE: Six things you should know about ERE

1. This project’s aim is: “to collect as much information about the Jazz Jackrabbit series and the community that surrounds Jazz Jackrabbit 2 as possible.”

2. Everyone can edit all entries that are not locked. This can be done by using the edit button. Everyone is allowed and even encouraged to edit entries and should feel absolutely free to make edits. Be daring in this! Everyone is allowed to join the club. There’s just one thing: you must be able to stand it when others improve on your work or find and fix errors, or change your contribution around. Since everyone is allowed to edit everything, they’re also allowed to edit your contributions.

3. Entries can link to each other, and every link shows whether the page it links to exists or not.

4. Editing an entry does not mean the removed or changed information in the entry is lost. All entries have a version history, in which all edits are preserved. If something went wrong, the version history can be used to restore the lost material or the material that was changed for the worst.

5. All information put on this wiki should be objective. Value judgements should not be made about people, clans, levels or sites. Thus things like Jazz2Online is a great site or The JCF sucks do not fit this wiki.

6. The Jazz2Online rules apply to this wiki, however, administrators do not edit out rules violations like on most places on the site. Instead, everyone is encouraged to remove rules violations themselves. Additionally, there are specific rules for this wiki, to be found at the wiki help page.