Ground Force

Invented by E.T., Ground Force is very much like the Last Rabbit Standing game type.

General Description

At the start of the game everyone is warped into an arena, which is usually full of some form of destructable scenery like destruct scenery (occassionaly, things like speed blocks are used). Traps in the form of SCEs, TNT, collapse scenery and turtle shells are widely-used.

There can be warps at the sides, top and bottom of the arena, and the objective is to stay inside the arena and not enter any of these warps as long as possible. Not an easy feat, considering the fact that almost everything can be destroyed, which most people are happy to do, and all Ground Force games are different, even in the same arena. The last rabbit left inside the arena wins.

Additional features

To make sure everyone enters the arena at the same time, often something in the form of a control room is added in, from which a crate can be crushed granting all players access to the arena. Another common trait in ground force levels is anti-Jazz protection, because Jazz’s helicopter ears give Jazz an advantage in ground force levels, and make them more easy.

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