Inferno 1

Inferno is a tileset in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It is probably inspired to a good extent by Earthworm Jim.
Its nighttime version is Inferno Night.

Note: A certain 4-letter word beginning with H has been replaced with h(/) in this article.


Inferno looks like h(/), but frozen. It consists of ice covered ground, snow, snowmen, rocks, bones, fog, dead trees and trees made out of the lost souls of people. As such, it can be disturbing to sensitive people. Main enemies include skeletons of dead turtles, ravens, and dogs.

Version differences

Day: The daytime version has ice blocks and looks frozen. Snow works properly with this tileset, and it is the only official tileset which supports it.

Night: This one doesn’t have a complete ice block. It only has the breaking frame which wasn’t removed. This version also looks frozen, but looks more like real h(/). There’s also fire.


In both tilesets:
  • The masking is way off. Lots of masking bugs with the backgrounds and even some tiles.
  • The background doesn’t fit together, no matter what you do.
  • There are some tiles that don’t join up together properly.

Official levels


The music heard is called Hell Freezes Over, and its filename is Freeze.j2b.

Tileset edits

Some edits include a golden version of Inferno, H(/)’s Gate version and Inferno 2.0.