Jazz Duelist's Challenge

The Jazz Duelist’s Challenge (or in short, JDC) is a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 competition for individuals where people compete through duels.


JDC is run in seasons. Every season you start out with 0 points. Then, as you duel you get more and more points until you are the champion. You may create an account at any time you wish, even during the middle of a season.


A round is pretty much a season within a season. Like a season as you duel you get more points. You have a more likely chance of winning a round, than a season. The points in a round will go to the overall points in a season.


Most events happen near the begining of the season and end. Some may be planned and some come straight out of nowhere. Some small events can be planned by regular Jazzers. Small events usually are 3vs3.

Administrators and Officals

Administrators are the people who run JDC. The current active ones are BlurredD, Bobby aka Dizzy, FireSword and EvilMike. Officials are the people who help the administrators run JDC. Some of their privileges are posting news, hosting events and submitting small team matches of 3vs3+.

Hall of Fame

  • Season 1: Zero
  • Season 2: MadRabb
  • Season 3: Blizzard
  • Season 4: iCeD
  • Season 5: Stiletto
  • Season 6: Super Saiyan
  • Season 7: Super Saiyan
  • Season 8: Thunder
  • Season 9: Thunder
  • Season 10: Blackraptor
  • Season 11: Vegito
  • Season 12: Vegito
  • Season 13: Vegito
  • Season 14: Superjazz
  • Season 15: valmango
  • Season 16: grytolle
  • Season 17: Superjazz
  • Season 18: Superjazz
  • Season 19: Superjazz

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