Lori Central

Lori Central is a site devoted to Lori, the new character that came with The Secret Files, maintained by DrJones.

When it was at its most active, it featured regularly updated news. Now it contains an archive of Lori fanart, and a Lori comic called Lori Live! (written by DrJones and drawn by Haze), among other things. While the site is mostly dedicated to Lori, there was also some general Jazz Jackrabbit news to be found at the site. There is an archive of old Universe Jazz downloads. These downloads have been checked for their Lori-friendliness (Lori cannot reach some of the platforms the other Jazz Jackrabbit 2 characters can reach).

With the site comes a forum, located at the JazzJackrabbit Community Forums, which can be used to talk about the site or the Lori character in general. Due to the forum being almost inactive and the only new posts there being completely uninformative, a decision it was closed was reached. It is now archived which means it is read-only.

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