OpenJazz is an open sourced re-implementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 made by Alister Thomson, also known as Toxic Bunny. It was started on the 23rd of August, 2005.


There are a couple of reasons to develop OpenJazz:
  • You can compile it on a wide range of OSes.
  • Runs directly without the use of a emulator.

Current OS versions

OpenJazz is compiled for the following OS’s:

How To Use It

You need 3 things:

SDL.dll, ModPlug.dll, OpenJazz.000 and OpenJazz.exe must be in the same directory.
You can place them in your Jazz Jackrabbit™ directory, and OpenJazz will be ready to run.
You can also run it from another directory using your Jazz Jackrabbit™ directory as a command-line option.


  • Runs Jazz Jackrabbit levels from all episodes, including both Holiday Hare releases and the CD version.
  • Customizable controls.
  • High-quality music playback.
  • Preliminary multiplayer support (cooperative, battle and team battle)

See Also

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