Orange Games

Orange Games is the company that, together with Epic Megagames (now called Epic Games), created Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Orange Games was responsible for all game code, including the engine. All game content like graphics was created mostly by freelancers hired by Epic Megagames. Later, Orange Games was merged into Lost Boys Games. Lost Boys Games has now merged with another gaming company and has become Guerrilla Games (Games division of the Media Republic company). In December 2005 (news was announced at the 8th) Guerilla Games was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Orange Games was led by Arjan Brussee, now Development Director at Guerrilla Games. Besides Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 they have done several other projects, like Battery Check, which uses the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 engine. Early in 2005 Guerilla games published their first FPS game called Killzone. Killzone is a derivative of the Core project they have worked on ever since they finished Jazz2.

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