Sucker Tube

Sucker tube is a JCS Event which is used on an unmasked tile to create a sucking effect. The player’s character turns into a ball and is sucked into the tube at varying speeds and directions. In this state, the player cannot move, and has to wait until he’s out of all tube events. Often, sucker tube events are covered up by tiles in layer 3 (or another foreground layer), to make it seem like the player disappears into a tube. Because the player is slightly bigger than a tile, the surrounding tiles should also be covered up to prevent that parts of the players are still visible in an ugly way.

Diagonal sucker tubes

There’s no fully working method to make sucker tubes that have a non-straight, diagonal, direction. Only in some ways can sucker tubes move diagonally.

For a working diagonally moving sucker tube, x-speed must be set to 17 or above, or -16 and below. If not the sucker tube behaves like a sucker tube with both speeds set to 0.

JCS details

Parameter Default Range Description
Wait time 0 0 – 7 Wait time until the player is released from the tube
Trigsample ? 0 – 7 ?
Y-speed 0 -64 – +63 Vertical moving speed. Negative speed = character moves up, positive speed = down.
X-speed 0 -64 – +63 Horizontal moving speed. Negative speed = left, positive speed = right