Tuf Boss

The Tuf Boss (also known as the SchwartzenGuard) is the second boss encountered in the standard Jazz 2 singleplayer campaign. He’s located Carrot Juice, the fourth level of the Formerly a Prince episode, where most of the Tuf Turtles reside. He also was the first endboss implemented in JJ2.


The Tuf Boss looks exactly like the Tuf Turtles. The only difference between those two is the kind of shell they wear – Tuf Turtles wear a plain purple one, while Tuf Boss’ is metallic gray (as perhaps is it metal?) and outfitted with spikes. The Tuf Boss is also holding a flairerang (which he throws at Jazz occassionally – look on Behavior) and the regular Tuf Turtles don’t.


The Tuf Boss will slowly (in the same speed as the Tuf Turtles walk with) walk towards Jazz, and throw his flairerang each 3 seconds. The flairerang comes through walls too (something which could be taken advantage of when it comes to making an original endboss arena), and its speed is depending on how far Jazz is away.

Endboss Statistics

  • Non-powered up Blaster shots needed to kill: 100
  • Points awarded: 5000
  • Speed: Medium

JCS Details

In JJ1

In Jazz Jackrabbit 1, the Schwartzenguard is an enemy that appears on Marbelara (episode 5, planet 1) as a tough turtle, similar to Tuf Turtles in Jazz 2, but with a gun. They give 50 points when killed, and require about five Blaster shots to kill.