President of the JCF

The President of the JCF is a frivolous title offering nothing more than a little more recognition on the forums. It serves to provide a friendly competition and a fun annual event for the regular forum users. It has no official recognition by anyone with real status in the community, however it is referenced periodically on the JCF, #jj2, and Jazz2Online.


The history of the Presidency is a short one, and one must understand the context with which the idea came about. The first thread about it started in the midst of the 2004 United States Presidential elections, which provided a lot of threads about Bush vs. Kerry and every kind of political argument one can associate with that atmosphere.

In October of 2004 (one month before the US elections), Spaztic started a thread announcing that he would run for President of the JCF under the Penguin Party. The theme caught on quickly as user Double Dutch announced her own candidacy and debate began. Soon others announced their own candidacy and polls were started to see who had the lead. Although all of the debate is silly in nature, some tend to take it seriously and view it as a popularity contest.

In 2005 things went a step further, with slogans, images, posters, and a lot of active debate going on with widely varied candidates. The 2006 Presidential election has not begun yet, but each year’s cycle begins somewhere between September and October and ends in early November (coinciding with major US elections).


The history of the electoral process for the Presidency is questionable at best. Early polls produced very close results in 2004 while other polls were notably biased. Many attacked Tublear especially for recruiting inactive people to vote for him. In 2005, an admin edited the final poll to give one party a ridiculously large final vote due to squabbling. Although the final results for each year have been contested, here are the most agreed-upon winners:

Candidate History


  • Spaztic/Goose (Penguin Party)
  • Double Dutch/Dog (Canid Party)
  • Tublear/None (Snizzle Party)
  • Radium/None (Third Party)
  • The Moving Bot/Q (None)
  • Fawriel/Coppertop (Love and Peace Party)
  • Toxic Bunny/McVitie (Chocolate Hob-Nob Party)


  • Iri/Blackraptor (Penguin Party)
  • n00b/Stickman (Mallard Party)
  • Radium/EVIL smiley (Non-Communist Party)
  • Skeven (Communist Party) (Note: Not a final contendant)
  • EvilMike/Snooze (Forced to Run Party)
  • Ae/Toadstool icon (LAN Party)
  • Violet/Unknown Rabbit (Empurple Party)
  • Niels/Stijn (Total Freaks Party)
  • Toxic Bunny/Elephant (United Democratic People’s Alliance Party)
  • CrimiClown/DuckMan (Independent)

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