The Sidekick is a special move from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 useable by Spaz and Lori, performed by pressing down and jump. Although they share the same name, each character performs a significantly different technique.

Spaz’s sidekick travels for fourteen tiles, but carries enough inertia to normally send him sliding a few tiles further. There is a pause of about a half second before the move actually begins. Being damaged will cancel the manoeuvre. Firing RF immediately just before kicking performs a RF kick. If you use Spaz’s sidekick closely against a boss in local single player while holding onto the jump button while you have started doing so, you can do this nonstop killing them very quickly, however this is actually a glitch.

Lori’s sidekick travels for six tiles, but has no inertia and is both performed faster and travels faster than Spaz’s, also allowing her to kick through high-speed wind areas too, without the need for an RF kick. Lori can also perform the move multiple times in succession if the buttons are held down, even if she encounters a wall. If kicked away from a certain place, her kick can also go through thin walls and even warps. While there is no actual term for this glitch, it tends to be referred as wallhax or wallkick, despite being able to go through warps as well, and this glitch can also work by putting the tube speed very high reguardless of character.

Both techniques can destroy certain blocks, and will destroy non-boss enemies instantly. They deal negligible damage to bosses, and two hearts of damage in multiplayer.