Special Moves

Special moves are moves that are unique to perform, unlike the normal jumps. They only exist in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and were possibly planned for Jazz Jackrabbit 3.

Character Based Special Moves

Each character has its own special moves, which can be performed by pressing two keys at once.

The special moves for each character are:

Non-Character Based Special Moves

Also, there are a few kinds of jumps which are quite hard to perform and aren’t used very often. Those are:

Golden Jump

By pressing the run key (default is shift) rapidly for a few seconds, one may “charge up” for a burst of speed. This speed burst only triggers when the player is on the ground, so if they charge up and jump, then release the run key before hitting the ground while continuing to hold down the jump key, the burst of speed will trigger at the same time as the player jumps a second time. This translates to a maximum-height jump at a near 45 degree angle.

RF Jump

The RF jump is a move where the player shoots an RF missile while jumping. If timed correctly, the explosion of the RF missile against the wall along which the player is jumping will boost the player upwards. When repeated, it is possible to climb great distances (for example the copter area in Battle1) by jumping and shooting only. The RF jump is generally easier to do with unpowered RF missles.

Mid-air RF Jump

This is a carefully timed move, which when executed correctly, allows a player to greatly extend a jump. It is performed by firing an RF missle and jumping towards it, timing it so that the missles explode just when the player is above them. The explosion will either give the player a speed boost, or send them flying upwards, depending on the timing. With Spaz this move is best done by firing missles right after a double jump. With Jazz it works best when firing during an uppercut. This move is significantly easier with powered up RF missles. Using copter ears while firing RF stimutaneously can get yourself even higher in midair and gradually get up walls with it too.

RF Kick

At the start of a sidekick with spaz, firing RF missles at the right time will cause them to explode in a way that gives spaz a burst of speed. This speed is much faster than the normal running speed, and increases the range of the kick substantially.

TNT Jump

The TNT jump is a move used by placing TNT, often next to
destruct scenery while the player is near it, forcing the player to blast away from the explosion at amazing speed. One may also “climb” with TNT, by placing large amounts of it in a vertical line and shooting at the bottom part of it, setting off a chain reaction carrying the player upwards.

Player Spring

(Cooperative mode only) One player must stand on the head of another player. Then the player below should press the jump button, and the player above will be sprung into air under the right circumstances.


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