Battle1, a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Battle level, is one of the three battle levels that came with the game itself. Its “real” level name is Battle Game, but because this is also the name of the other two official battle levels, the level is commonly referred to as Battle1, the level filename. Battle1 uses the Castle 1 tileset.


Battle1 is by far the most popular official battle level to be played online. One of the reasons for this is that the setting for the level hosted by a server defaults to this level when the game mode is Battle. Another cause is that, of the three official levels, this level has the most solid gameplay and most balanced item placement. The level is still a popular duel level, although the level is usually edited so it doesn’t contain a Water Shield.

Level design

Battle1 is characterized by its two open areas in which most fighting usually takes place. The level contains two powerups, a Seek PowerUp and a Bouncy PowerUp. The Seek PowerUp can only be reached via a warp or trickjumping. The warp is the most popular and the platform on which the Seek PowerUp is placed is very suitable for camping.
Battle1 also has a few more open areas, but they don’t serve much of a purpose, in that fighting doesn’t take place there most of the time, and that those areas are devoid of pickups. When one designs a level and leaves a big, open area lacking an impact on gameplay, levelmakers tend to call the level “suffering from the battle1 complex”.

Community edits

Battle1 has been edited a lot by community members. Because the levels eyecandy was considered boring after playing it for years, but the level itself was still popular, it became a habit for some people to create versions of Battle1 using another tileset than the original, which used Castle. Recently, a “remake” of the level won a level redesign competition held by FireSworD.

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