Battle is a multiplayer gametype where the objective is to roast the other players until the target number of roasts is reached. This target number is set by the server, and can be anywhere between 1 and 100. The first player to reach this goal is declared the winner of the game. The winner is an individual, as there are no teams in battle games.

Players all start with five hearts, as opposed to three in Capture the Flag. It is the most commonly hosted gametype, and the most oft-created level type, mostly because it is very easy. Balance is less important, and pretty much any level can be classified as a Battle level.

The team-based version of battle is called Team Battle, but it is a custom game type and is not supported by the game engine. Also, it is played in CTF mode, since that is the only way to get teams.

Battle is the most commonly played multiplayer type online.

Layout of Battle Levels

There are no special level design rules for levels of the battle gametype, as there are with single player and capture the flag for example (a start and an exit and paths between for single player, and two bases and good level balance for capture the flag), since it’s a free-for-all gametype. Of course, flow and layout do matter, but they do not have to take certain forms. Anything can make a battle level, as long as it has a start position.

The battle levels provided with the game that are played most often, Battle1, Battle2 and Battle3, provide a level layout that is more common to battle levels than capture the flag levels. The levels are designed in a way that leads the player through one elliptical path with several sidebranches. All players are mostly led the same way, counter-clockwise, through the level, with there being ways to not play this way, but generally the level forces the player to move around like that. Custom battle levels often do not have this type of layout, but use lots of open space and a lot of paths to use.

Most battle levels will contain significant amounts of ammo and some or a lot of power-ups to provide means for players to roast eachother. Often, carrots are provided too.