Table of Contents

  1. Specifics
  2. In each game type
  3. Pits

In Jazz Jackrabbit 2 multiplayer mode, kills are called roasts.

Roasting has a very important role in the game. It is one of the basics in each game type. However, in Treasure and Race mode, rabbits cannot be roasted.


When a rabbit is roasted, he loses his ammo and power-ups (all his weapons, except normal Blaster). He also goes back to a multiplayer start position. However, he regains his health.

In each game type

  • In Battle mode, players need to get roasts (by roasting the others) to win. In Team Battle, the team needs roasts (other team’s deaths) to win.
  • In Coop and Single player modes, a player can’t roast any other. Rabbits can only be roasted by enemies, hurt tiles or spike bolls or platforms. They return to the last Save point signpost they’ve met. All enemies of the level have reappeared.
  • In Capture The Flag mode, a roasted player loses his flag.
  • In LRS mode (and extensions), a roasted player loses a life.
  • In Roast Tag, if the player who is IT is roasted, he gives Eva’s ring. The player who has been roasted the most is the bottom feeder.
  • In Death CTF, when a player is roasted, he gives one point to the opposite team.
  • In Pestilence, if a zombie is roasted, it gives one point to the player who killed him; if a normal rabbit is roasted, he becomes a zombie.


If a player falls in a pit, it should act as if the player had been roasted. But if this player hadn’t been touched before, he can lose a point or make his team losing a point instead of make someone else gain a point.