The Blaster is Jazz Jackrabbit‘s, Spaz Jackrabbit‘s and Lori Jackrabbit‘s primary weapon in all three Jazz Jackrabbit PC games.


Effect and strategy

The Blaster fires one single yellow bullet that has an average range, and will always go in one straight line. Though the blaster is not really effective against the stronger enemies, it has one great advantage: it has infinite ammo. Combined with the fast-fire pickups and the Blaster PowerUp, it’s a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled player.

The blaster in the Jazz Jackrabbit games

Jazz Jackrabbit 1

In Jazz Jackrabbit 1, Jazz’s blaster was called “LFG-2000”. The acronym “LFG” might have been a spoof on the BFG (Big – Fucking – Gun) that appeared in the Doom and Quake games. Jazz’s gun looked like a blue machinegun with a pyramid-shaped top and some shiny buttons on it. Though the gun looks like it was designed to be used with two hands, Jazz usually carries it in only one.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the blaster can be easily selected by pressing the 1 key. Curiously, the guns Spaz and Lori wield are also called blaster. Jazz’s blaster is blue, Spaz’s is green and Lori’s is red and black. In this game, you can power-up the blaster even more with the Blaster PowerUp, which will make the gun do twice as much damage.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3 Demo

See Jazz Jackrabbit 3: Game Design.

Jazz Jackrabbit Advance

The gun Jazz Jackrabbit wields in Jazz Jackrabbit Advance is, according to the in-game text and the manual, also called Blaster. The look and feel are notably different from the PC versions, and it shoots instant-hitting invisible bullets that explode in a small blue cloud. It looks a lot like the gun Han Solo (a main character in the Star Wars movie series) uses.