Lori Jackrabbit

Lori Jackrabbit is the sister of Jazz Jackrabbit and Spaz Jackrabbit. She appeared first in Jazz Jackrabbit 2‘s final cutscene (the wedding). She’s one of the few female characters in the Jazz Jackrabbit universe: other female characters include Eva Earlong, Queen Earlong and of course the Fat Chick. She is a tall yellow bunny wearing what seems to be a purple athletics outfit, and having a large ponytail. Her special moves are a mixture of Jazz’s and Spaz’s special moves: She has Jazz’s ear-helicopter ability, and can do a karate kick like Spaz’s.


Lori was first intended to be Spaz’s girlfriend or love-interest, as can be seen in the original Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ending cut-scene. Dean Dodrill thought she would make a good playable character for the to-be-released The Secret Files add-on to Jazz Jackrabbit 2. However, because the game’s publisher Project 2 Interactive announced she was the lost sister of Jazz and Spaz she was given that role. Lori is the creation of Dean Dodrill (also known as _Noogy) and Jon MacLellan (also known as Jeh).

Character and Personal details

According to her creator Dean Dodrill, Lori is a passive character who likes to paint and practise athletics. She was supposedly born on March 13, 1982 (though her date of creation was March 13, 1998). Her physical information is as follows:
  • Height: 1.65 metres
  • Weight: 47.63 kilograms
  • Gender: Female
  • Fur color: Yellow
  • Eye color: Black

Lori has her own forum at the JCF and even her own fansite, Lori Central, maintained by DrJones and Haze.

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