Jon MacLellan

Jon “Jeh” MacLellan, formerly under the name EvilBill, was one of the level designers at Epic Games and also the webmaster of He worked on the original Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Holiday Hare ’98 and The Secret files.

In 1999, during the Anniversary Bash, he gained himself the phrase “Jeh Must Die”. Not because the community hated him as is implied, but more because they loved him.

Other things he has done for the community include creating level groups. His level group, which he and DethMan started, is called the Mystic Legends.

After by being laid off by Epic Games who organized their business structure to exit the shareware business model (which included in-house marketing, sales and technical support) and concentrate solely on game development, he re-located from the UK to California and worked at Won Games and then GameSpy until 2002. GameSpy decided to move all it’s web development and update staff in-house. Jeh did not want to move to follow this job and so terminated his contract with GameSpy.

Jeh has a wife & family and lives in Sacramento, CA.