A pure community icon from the past, started up some major projects like JMMB, Jazz2City and was together with Jeh (Evilbill back then) one of the original founders of Mystic Legends, the first Levelgroup. Introduced together with MErlin the clan Black Wolves in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Which was the first clan that ever appeared in Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

His fame is mostly known from his levelpack Queen of Board and the never finished projects Warped and CyberSpaz.

His name also appears in the Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files credits. As since he worked together with Wakeman (Steven Wakeman) to assemble a pack for this game.

Alot of people find this American a bit controversial because of his devotion to the Christian religion and Star-Trek themed logos in his work.

In 2008, DethMan recently appeared on the #jj2 channel for the Anniversary Bash 10. States that he regrets that he was never able to finish CyberSpaz.