One of the first community forum run by fans, the Jazz Mega Message Board (JMMB), came into existence after the closing of Epic Message Boards (EMB), which were run by Epic MegaGames. The JMMB was part of Jazz2City, and though back then there were several active community sites, the JMMB was by far the most active.

The JMMB was opened on December 16, 1998, about half a year after Jazz Jackrabbit 2‘s shareware release. Though the main focus of the forum were the Jazz Jackrabbit games, there were popular general interest forums too. Eventually the JMMB would host several forums dedicated to projects only loosely related to the series, such as a Commander Keen forum, Noogy‘s Animation Forum and a forum for Skitch Possum.

Because moderation became an increasingly time-consuming job due to the high amount of flaming and other unacceptable discourse, Jazz2City webmaster Dethman closed down the JMMB on March 20th, 2001. Three days after it was closed Jazz2Online opened the JCF, a forum which had roughly the same structure and staff as the JMMB (which is true til today, especially regarding the forum structure).