Mystic Legends

Mystic Legends is a level group founded in the summer of 1998 by Jazz Jackrabbit 2 level designer Jon “Evil_Bill“ McLellan (Jeh) and DethMan.


Over the years the original founders of Mystic Legends became inactive. DethMan disappeared from the community, whilst Jeh was focused on the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games genre. He is still a gamemaster now for several well-known MMORPG games.

Mystic Legends became famous and legendary because they released the challenging custom single player episodeQueen of Board“. The level pack was so unique in that time that it still has an impact on today’s level design.

Later in 1999 Mystic Legends added two new members, ShadowGPW and Martin. Martin was only active for a short period of time until he vanished from the community as well. ShadowGPW was pretty much the only active member of the team.

In 2001 ShadowGPW joined the J2LC level team and Mystic Legends ceased to be active.

In 2004 ShadowGPW restarted the Mystic Legends project and added two new talents to the team. Skulg became the main tileset designer and Pyromanus was added as the latest level talent.

No conjucted projects have been released by the team so far.

Members of Mystic Legends


Jeh (Inactive)
DethMan (Inactive)

Former members of Mystic Legends

Martin aka Party Dude

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