Shadow started playing the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Shareware back in the early Summer of 1998. He immediately fell in love with Jazz Jackrabbit 2 after playing the Labrat levels and the treasure hunt mode via splitscreen with a friend. Back in those days, he already owned a clan in the game Quake World (GpW was establised the year before). At that point he felt the urge to expand GPW (God Promise to Win) into the new game. GpW eventually became one of the most popular and regarded clans.

In 1999, Shadow joined the Jazz2City team. He was one of the site’s news posters and he was responsible for the clans and level groups sections. He also joined the famous Mystic Legends level group, which was founded by Jeh and DethMan. When Mystic Legends became inactive, Shadow joined the J2LC level group.

After the closure of J2C, he was asked by Alienator to join UniverseJazz so that he could continue the work he did at J2C. This website closed a couple of months later.Shortly thereafter he was invited to join Jazz2Online‘s administration team. He did this for a short period until he was demoted due to internal conflicts. He did remain to be an administrator at the Jazz Jackrabbit Community Forums and remains so today. He also still is involved with Mystic Legends.

In 2001, he and some dedicated JJ2 fans decided to launch a chat channel on IRC, called #jj2. Shadow granted other persons in the channel after some internal conflicts.

Also in 2001, Shadow released some notable levels. Like the Future Evolution level pack, Slab Ratz and Darker Science.

Personal Facts

Name: John Jonk
Born: 11-07-83
Country: The Netherlands
City: Volendam

Trivia and Awards