Jazz Jackrabbit Community Forums

The Jazz Jackrabbit Community Forums, abbreviated as the JCF, is a forum (or bulletin board) where community members can talk about various subjects. It is hosted at Jazz2Online, but has seperate leadership.


The JCF was created in 2001 after the closure of the JMMB, a forum which was part of Jazz2City. There was a discussion about the name for the new board, where names like “JMMB2” were suggested. However, Dethman, the webmaster of the old J2C, didn’t want the name to include “JMMB” so finally everyone agreed with “JCF”. Dethman didn’t want the JCF to use old JMMB themes either, so a theme based on the J2O layout was created.

Originally the JCF was powered by phpBB, a freeware bulletin board script. Some time after Nebula joined the team and wrote a phpBB to vBulletin conversion script, the JCF switched to vBulletin, which its admins found more suitable and robust. Currently the JCF is still powered by vBulletin, version 3.7.3.


The JCF consists of a number of forums, divided into several categories. Those are:

  • Jazz-related forums
    This is the largest category. It includes all the forums that directly relate to the Jazz Jackrabbit games, such as a Technical help forum, a forum about level editing and the War tavern (a forum for fan fiction).
  • Non Jazz-related forums
    This includes forums such as Miscellaneous Stuff (where everything off-topic goes), an Art Forum for JJ2 fan art, a forum dedicated to the creation of community computer games and finally the Comedy Cafe, where jokes and humorous topics can be posted.
  • Maintenance
    This category only includes one visible forum, solely meant for comments, suggestions and other feedback on the JCF or J2O. It also contains a hidden forum with old forum announcements.
  • Restricted Forums
    The Restricted Forums category contains several forums only available to some members, like administrators and moderators. It also contains an inactive discussion forum restricted to a small group of people on the creation of the 1.25 patch (which unfortuantly never got off the ground). The majority of posters cannot access these forums.


The rules on the JCF are enforced by a team of administrators and moderators, of which only about a third are currently active. The most active administrators (users with the power to edit posts in all forums, ban people or do anything they want) are Derby, FQuist, Link and Stijn. Less active administrators include Disguise and ShadowGPW, but you may still find them editing inappropriate posts. The other administrators are either inactive, not using their administrator powers, or working behind-the-scenes.

In addition to the administration team the JCF also has a team of moderators. The moderators have less powers than the administrators, and generally can only wield them in a restricted set of forums. The only active moderator at the time of writing is Coppertop. The other moderators no longer visit the JCF frequently.

Finally, there’s The Moving Bot, which is actually an account with super-moderator priviliges created by the admins to notify readers of moved topic of the new location of the topic. Nowadays the Moving Bot is redundant as support for moving topics is built in to the current forum software. This has led the administrators to resurrect the Moving Bot for various pranks.

The JCF currently sports a large collection of themes, mostly made by members of this site. There are also some “J2O-style” themes and, of course, the vBulletin standard theme. In addition to this, the Lori Central forum by default uses a Lori Jackrabbit-styled theme.

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