Team Battle

Team Battle is a custom game type which is like battle in most ways, but the players have been divided into two teams. These teams then get points for roasting players on the other team.

Originated by EvilMike, the first real team battle level used the Medivo tileset. The goal in this game type is simple: kill the enemy. There are a few more ways this game type differs from Battle: since this game type is played in CTF mode, you are limited to the 3 hearts of CTF and can rely upon your team-mates to help.

The scoring in this game type is automaticly registered using CTF bases. Once someone dies, he scores a point in the CTF system. This counts for a point for the team. Until recently, the scoring system was slightly illogical: whenever you roast someone, that person scores a point for his team so, in the end, the team who has the lowest score wins. This was due to the limitations of the game engine, however, FireSword managed to make a correctly-working version of Team Battle which scores for the right team.

Thanks to JJ2+, any level can now be played as Team Battle.