Custom Game Types

Custom Game Types are game types created by users and are not supported by Jazz Jackrabbit 2 out-of-the-box.

How and why custom game types are created

There are technically only 6 game types supported by JJ2:
Single player, Capture the Flag, Battle, Treasure, Co-op and Race.

Only CTF, Battle and Treasure can be hosted online using only JJ2. JJ2+, however, can host the other game types such as Single player, Race and Co-op games, as well as host a variety of custom gametypes.

As the community matures and develops, and as JCS is pushed further and further towards its limits, new game types are constantly being invented by jazzers. These game types help to re-new JJ2’s playability, increase demand for new kinds of tilesets and, of course, give inspiration for even more alternative game types. These kinds of levels often use the 3 existing multiplayer game types as a foundation, upon which a specialized or ‘different’ type of level is built, or is programmed into JJ2+, yet still uses another gametype as a basis.

The main custom game types

List of custom game types, following the format “Name – Foundation game mode – Description”:

  • AssassinationCTF – Assassinate the opposing team’s leader and protect your own.
  • AssaultCTF – Fulfil the level objectives, often under a time limit, while the opposing team tries to stop you.
  • Bank RobberyCTF – Two teams either switch between defending and robbing a bank or both have to rob each other’s bank.
  • Death CTFCTF – A variant of CTF that is basically a mix of TB and CTF, with an added twist that all players die once a score is made.
  • DominationCTF – Touch a control point to capture it for your team. The goal is to have your team control as many points as possible, and deny them from the enemy team.
  • Flag RunCTF – Two teams must capture the flag at a centre point and run back to their own base without dieing.
  • Gold Rush – Battle – Be the first person to obtain a certain amount of coins (usually 50), and reach the warp.
  • Ground Force – Treasure – The same as survivor – but this time there are explosives and/or turtle shells falling down.
  • Hotel – Any, but typically battle – The basic concept is to Explore a hotel, get a house/room and decorate it. There are many, many other possibilites as well.
  • Instagib – Battle – This is almost the same as battle, except JJ2+ is used to modify the health of players to 1 heart for instant kills. The name is obviously derived from another Epic game: Unreal Tournament. Custom instagib levels are often used, but any battle level can work.
  • JailbreakCTF – Lock all members of the opposing team into jail by killing them.
  • Jazz Team FortressCTF – A version of CTF where players get to choose their own classes (which come with special benefits/ammo).
  • Last Rabbit Standing – Battle – Be the last rabbit standing in an arena. This is similar to Ground Force except you can die.
  • Pestilence – Battle – Everybody starts off as human. The first person to die is transformed into a zombie. From that point on, anybody who is killed by a zombie becomes a zombie as well. The goal is to try to remain human for as long as possible.
  • Roast Tag – Battle – First person to get a kill becomes “it”. The person who is “it” must then try to kill as many people as possible. If anyone kills the person who is “it”, they then become “it”. If the person who is “it” does not make a kill in a certain amount of time, then they automatically die and the next person to make a kill gets to be “it”.
  • Street Fight – Battle – Fight using only melee attacks (like the buttstomp) and no guns. The whole level is therefore covered with No Fire Zones. It’s not uncommon to use instagib in together with this custom game mode.
  • Survivor – Treasure – Try to be the last one to stay within an area which is filled with destructable blocks. Treasure mode is a must when hosting because it is the only gametype where you cannot be directly killed by your opponent.
  • Team BattleCTF – Regular battle with two teams who have to fight each other for roasts.
  • Team Last Rabbit StandingCTF – This is the same as regular LRS, but with teams. Each team has a certain number of lives, and when they run out of lives, their players stop respawning. Last team alive wins.
  • Test – Usually treasure, but CTF will work if everyone joins the same team – Pass the obstacles and get to the end of the level.
  • Tournament Game – Battle – Usually a level where two people are pitted against each other. This should be played with 16 people, where the winning 8 face each other, and then the winning 4, etc. JJ2+ is used so other players can spectate those fighting in the arena.
  • Wallclimb – Treasure – Two players have to climb into the walls above them and find the end of the level before the others.

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