A test is an unofficial game mode in which you are ‘tested’ by having to pass through a number of obstacles.
These obstacles typically include (from the most common to the least):

  • Moving through warp blocks (by far the most common) by jumping or using special moves or airboard, sometimes with wind (which may move you up);
  • Wallclimbing into warps or by two;
  • RF climbing;
  • Choosing the right warp block out of several;
  • Finding the right way behind a wall;
  • Freezing springs (which are placed just under warps) to move;
  • Going through a way before the walls become warps.

Since JJ2 was not created with them in mind, tests are usually hosted in Treasure Hunt or Capture the Flag mode. In Treasure Hunt players cannot get hurt or die, yet they can stand in each other’s light by bumping into or shooting each other. For this reason, it is preferable that tests are hosted in CTF with everyone in the same team (usually blue). Before Carrotade (and now JJ2+), this was done by having one of the teams start in the beginning of the test while the other team started in a small room with no exit. A text string indicated the player must rejoin the game as a member of the other team if he were to participate in the test.

The origin of tests can be traced back to Violet CLM’s Windy Tests, a series of four levels in which the player must avoid warp blocks while being hampered (or occasionally helped) by wind. This was further popularized by Black Ninja’s Wind Meister.

Today, tests are primarily hosted on The Secret Files servers. Many players have a decided hatred towards them, although this can probably be blamed on the consistent low quality of said tests.