Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a multiplayer game type where the players collect gems. The first player who reaches the set gem target (default is 100), and touches the exit, wins. When shot, a player loses a number of gems, which depends on the type of weapon used (e.g. a powered-up seeker missile will make a player lose more gems than a normal blaster bullet). These ‘lost gems’ can then be picked up by other players. Nothing, including gems, can be picked up while a player is flashing from damage and the player also temporarily loses his ability to bounce on springs while flashing. Contrary to the Battle and Capture the Flag game types, no one can get roasted. Players could die in older pre-release versions, but that feature was removed later in development.

Treasure hunt mode is often used for Alternative Gametypes where it’s preferable that people cannot die, because killing is not part of the objective. Examples of such gametypes include Ground Force and tests (although some people now host tests in Capture the Flag mode, with only one team present, so that players cannot bump into and/or shoot each other; see the CTF entry for more details).

There is an exception to this ‘no-death’ rule of treasure hunt. When placing MCE enemies in a level, the host can be killed by touching an enemy five times (i.e. there are 5 ‘invisible’ hearts). The reason for clients’ invulnerability against enemies is because the death-setting in treasure hunt is handled in the same way as co-op mode. However, clients can also be killed by touching 3D spike bolls or hurt event 5 times. Damage from TNT placed by other players can probably also cause that.

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