A hotel is a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 level and in fact also a custom game type.


Although hotel servers usually use the Battle gametype, the objective is not to roast so much than to chat and rent a room. There are a few major differences between hotels a few years ago and hotels as they are now.

Old Style hotels

In the first years of JJ2, hotels were not as interactive as they are nowadays. People simply asked the hotel owner/level creator if they could have a room, or the level creator made rooms for certain friends. Rooms for community legends were a common sight too. Those rooms could usually not be expanded much after that, or only by asking the level creator. A common hotel type was the “clan hotel”, in which all clan members had a room. The most used tilesets for those hotels (before the era of the Hotel Heroes, see Trivia) were The Tavern (by Haze and Kaven) and Street Stuff, a The Secret Files-only tileset that added several things to The Tavern.

New Style hotels

A New Style hotel level usually consists of several “rooms”. Players joining the hotel server can “rent” those rooms, after which a room is added to the level with JCS. After obtaining a room, the player can buy things to fill this room, including beds, tables, lights, foods, and more depending on the tileset used.


Hotel levels have been started by unknown Dutch players of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and have become a phenomenon in amongst players of this game. Later on, the concept has been refined by players such as EvilMike, who came up with ideas such as using coins to buy rooms with.


  • Since the level creator is often effectively involved with running a hotel server, and edits the level, he is free to do as he please, which can result into squabbles over room assignment, among other things.
  • Disguise, along with Mirrow, under the guise “Hotel Heroes”, created the three most popular hotel tilesets: Hotel Dream, Hotel Deluxe, and True Rabbit Hotel.