Sugar Rush

A Sugar Rush is a special ability available in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. When the player collects a total of 100 food objects, a twenty second timer will be activated. For the duration of the timer, any enemies that the player comes in contact with will be instantly destroyed. If a sugar rush is somehow acquired during a boss battle, the boss can be destroyed in just a few seconds of contact. However, passing the Activate Boss event while having a sugar rush turns the rush off. Touching other players in multiplayer will cause two hearts of damage. When the player with a Sugar Rush touches a crate or monitor, it will be destroyed.

The jjrush cheat code will instantly activate a sugar rush. If jjrush is entered while a sugar rush is active, the sugar rush will be deactivated.

It is possible to have multiple simultaneous sugar rushes by collecting 200 food objects in a short enough time period, or by repeatedly using the jjrush cheat code. There is no advantage to multiple sugar rushes, as they run concurrently, not consecutively. If a sugar rush is active when you finish a level, the remaining time will not be carried over to the next level.