Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has a few so-called cheats built in, sequences of keys you have to press to gain special abilities/free pickups. In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, a player can access the cheats by simply typing them with the keyboard while playing. Cheats only work in single player game mode.

Warning: Spoiler details below

List of cheats and their effects

In order to use the cheat, type the capitalized word while playing a Single Player game. All cheats are reversed when typing them again, except for JJSHIELD, JJFLY and JJMORPH. Power-up cheats do not give you the non-functioning TNT Powerup.

  • JJGOD – Makes the player invincible and gives him unlimited ammo for all guns, which are powered-up too. The invincibility effect lasts until you either eat a health carrot, buttstomp something, karate kick something, uppercut something or destroy something while being in sugar rush.
  • JJINV – Exactly the same as JJGOD. However, using this the player will not get all guns powered-up or gain maximal ammunition.
  • JJAMMO or JJGUNS – Gives the player 99 ammo for all guns.
  • JJSHIELD – This cheat gives the player a free shield. The sequence is Nothing – Fire ShieldWater ShieldLightning Shield (also known as the Plasma Shield) Laser Shield. Typing the cheat will make the player get the next shield in the sequence (Nothing means the player gets no shield) for as much time as it would have lasted when he shot a shield monitor. Curiously, this is the only way to get the laser shield without external programs.
  • JJRUSH – Toggles the sugar rush for 20 seconds. Note: if you use this cheat to end a sugar rush, the jingle does not stop playing immediatly but finishes normally.
  • JJMORPH – This cheat makes the player morph into another character. The sequence is JazzSpaz – (Lori -) ChuckFrog. One can only morph into Lori when playing The Secret Files or Christmas Chronicles. The sequence starts at the character the player is currently player with. Every time the cheat is used, the player morphs into the next character in the sequence. Unlike the other cheats listed, this affects only player 1.
  • JJCOINS – Gives the player 25 free coins.
  • JJFIRE – Gives the player 1/3 of a fast fire. By typing this repeatedly it’s possible to go beyond the fastfire limit.
  • JJNEXT or JJNXT – Will make the game go to the level filename that was specified in the “Next Level“ setting of the current level. If that level does not exist, the game will crash.
  • JJK, JJKILL – Kills the player and makes him lose one life.
  • JJQ – Directly quits the game, skipping the credits screen.
  • JJGEMS – Gives the player 10 free coins, as well as 10 free gems of each colour (red/green/blue/purple).
  • JJBIRD – Gives the player a shooting bird.
  • JJLIGHT – Toggles ambient lightning (note: this can also be done via the in-game menus).
  • JJFLY – This cheat allows the player to fly. The sequence is Flying carrotAirboard → not flying.
  • JJNOWALL – Activates “no clipping“ mode – when flying (using a flying carrot, airboard or copter or playing as a bird), the player can go through solid walls.
  • JJENDING – Makes the game go to the high score screen or ending animation.
  • JJD – Toggles whether the high score screen is shown when game ends, or when JJENDING is used. It has to be typed 4 times to re-enable the high score screen.

Mac-only cheats

These cheats only work in the Apple Macintosh version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

  • JJD – Kills the player, like JJK or JJKILL in the Windows version.
  • JJT – The player can chat with this cheat. It works like pressing the T button in the Windows version.
  • JJCOLOR – The player can switch between 8-bit rendering mode and 16-bit rendering mode with this.
  • JJPOWER – This powers up the guns the player currently possesses.
  • JJCPU – This changes the player’s controls.

Cheats in multiplayer

Cheats are disabled in multiplayer mode, and thus the only way to use them there are so called cheating programs or trainers. There is one exception: if a player first uses JJNOWALL in single player and then plays a multiplayer game in a level where he can gain either an Airboard, a Flying Carrot or a Copter, or morph into a bird, he will be able to go through walls with those.