Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas Chronicles

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas Chronicles was an add-on for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, version number 1.24x. It was essentially a rerelease of Holiday Hare ’98 using the engine of The Secret Files. It had the levels, music, and tileset of HH ’98, but also had Lori as a playable character, and JCS.

The Christmas Chronicles was originally intended to be released in a “Christmas card”-format by Project2 Interactive, for all those who had registered their copy of The Secret Files. This was soon scrapped in favor of a regular release, which those who had registered were able to preorder.
Preorders however were cancelled and it was feared that The Christmas Chronicles would not see a release after all. Not until the Polish publisher LK Avalon released a localized version of The Christmas Chronicles in Poland. A limited European release, seemingly by Project2 Interactive though most likely by the follow-up company NCI Dotcom, followed shortly thereafter. Nowadays it’s hard to find any copies of the game.