Another JJ1 conversion pack

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2 Dec 2003 at 05:00 (Minor update on 2 Dec 2003)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Tileset conversion
Screenshots (335.88 kB)

File contents

VConpack.txt 3.67 kB 29 Nov 2003
lagunicex.j2l Lagunicus 5.76 kB 29 Nov 2003
megairbasex.j2l Megairbase 3.04 kB 03 Dec 2003
orbitex.j2l Orbitus 3.20 kB 02 Dec 2003
Lagunicus.j2t JJ1 Lagunicus 111.11 kB 29 Nov 2003
Megairbase.j2t JJ1 Megairbase 33.55 kB 07 Sep 2003
Orbitusv.j2t JJ1 Orbitus 67.73 kB 03 Dec 2003
song11.s3m 29.86 kB 15 Jan 1998
song16.s3m 58.64 kB 12 Jan 1998
songcd8.s3m 60.20 kB 27 Mar 1998


A pack of three JJ1 tileset conversions – Lagunicus the slighted, Orbitus the rare and Megairbase the poorly-done. No Fanolint.Reupload #1: Fixed a few minor masking bugs in Orbitus, changed the Megairbase music to Song16 (hopefully).


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Review by JelZe

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings98 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness86%

Ok… this I gotta see: three conversions in one. No wonder Violet hasn’t uploaded anything in ages (and the fact he’s an admin now)

Ok, three tilesets in one zip = three seperate reviews = one long review. I’ll start with Megairbae, then Lagunicus and lest best Orbitus.

Mega Airbase

(Note: yet again, Violet used the wrong music file for the example: Song10.s3m is Crysilis, Song16.s3m is Megairbase. Does he even test the music?)

Conversion Completeness:

As always, Violet didn’t miss a tile of Megairbase. He even managed to find that blue block that was only in the boss level. And much to my surprise he put in the rare animations: those thin lighted platfroms, and that square block like thingie? Good job.


Smooooooooooth. Need I say more? Ok, only one smal hidden message. Need I say even more?

Added Extras:

No conversion is complete without added extras, and they’re present, as always with Violet: destructible block, sucker tubes, arrow shaped poles, vines, the usual stuff. Violet also added a new background (enlarged version of the original, and it shows: very pixelated), those big missles (in the background of the example), JJ1 signs and even that Devan boss tank. That’s all :)


Conversion Completeness:

As always, nothing missing. I should remind you that Lagunicus has two sets of colors: the light ones for the surface and the dark one for underwater.


No bumps, no problems. One smal message announcement an upcoming episode.

Added extras:

You can guess what extras are put in, so I’m not gonna bother putting them all in. They’re both in a light colored version, and a dark one (except for the standard Textured background) so it’s your pick :P The water gradient isn’t working at 100% (I’d say 90 to 95), but big worries: the color don’t go hay-wire :P


Conversion Completeness:

As always, nothing missing, even the many aminations are there. Orbitus has two different layer 4 walls: horizontal and vertical and each relevant tile has both :P


Not again… Ok, no bumps, just smooth. One message: it seems this conversion is made for BlurrED as prize for a contest. :)

Added Extras:

I’m starting to regret this…Ok, the usuall extras are there, even a new textured background and an enemy: a static Beholder (cyclops thingie). Take in that BlurrED sprite, and pole standards, and I’m done phew. And don’t worry about those bouncy walls: Violet found a way to make them work in JJ2. Just read the readme.

Verdict (finally!):

These are conversions you must have. These planets had the least chance of getting converted (Lagunicus and Megairbase being the least appealing and Orbitus being too hard with all the animations). One thing tho: I suggest you all read the readme. Violet put in some extra info about what works in the set and what doesn’t (like poles and snow). Definitely recommended for the JJ1 tileset collector.

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

P.S. Just to let you know: of all 30 planets of JJ1 (9 × 3 + 3 = 30) Turtemple has not been converted at all, or at least at an adequate level. Who will be the first to convert it? ;)[This review has been edited by JelZe]

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Review by Lark

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (500 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings376 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness77%

This doesn’t seem as amazing as it seemed when I first recieved it from Violet to make the example levels because I’ve seen so much of Noka’s stuff lately. I’ll pretend I’m reviewing this one week in the past so I’m only comparing it to CelL’s conversions and the other JJ1 conversions.
Yay. I like this tileset a lot. ;D Everything is here. Nothing is missing. The only thing that is missing is a green version of the tiles on 6, 16 and 6, 18. The green versions were never used in the levels, but they are in the tileset, revealed by using Project that (J1CS). They’re rather ugly, Violet explained, and they are not used anyway, so that’s why they are not there. As for the masking, everything is great except for the tank. It’s not as smooth as you’d want it to be. As for the rest, the conversion is good and complete.
Good conversion, but the masking gets annoying with the slopes. You’ll know what I mean when you try to use the tileset. =P Violet took an extra step and included not only the tiles as they should look, but the tiles as they look when they are underwater in JJ1! You can make different levels of darkness without using ambient lighting – it’s completely tile controlled. You can have it be light, dark, darker, or really dark. You can see different levels of light in the example level. What I don’t like is the destruct block with the seastar on it. The black edges on it are too thick, IMO. Anyway, the conversion is overall good.
Ah, the nightmares I had making the example level. This tileset is a pain to use. Not that it’s Violet’s fault, though… it’s just very tough to use. There are tons of animations in the set, and they all take a long, long time to put together. Moving on to the masking, I’m not too fond of this either. Tile 2, 4 could’ve been made a lot smoother, first of all. I also don’t know why the ceiling tiles on 2, 25 had to stay jagged like that. I would’ve smoothed them out, since the grooves are too small to make a difference. They only make it easier to get stuck in. The conversions are nice, though. Nothing is missing.

I’m not in the mood for a long review, since JelZe’s review told all most all you really need to know.
Download reccomendation – Yes
Build with this – After the nightmares I had with Orbitus, no. =P I’ll use Lagunicus and Megairbase, though.

I would give this 8.7 if I was comparing it to Noka’s work, but 9.0 should do since I’m trying not to compare.

Never mind about that rough edge in Orbitus on 2, 4. Violet corrected it before my review was done. (I told him about it. I = special ;o ;o ;o)[This review has been edited by labratkid]

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Wow, lotta conversions uploaded this week O.o;. Time for a short review:

Orbitus has a hell of a lot of animations, it doesn’t look THAT hard to use, but I could be wrong. There are even stumps for the carrotus and jungle poles added, yay! Lots of tiles to use, and looks like it can make a promising level. Plus Violet says the pinball and snow will work, and the poles will look weird but work, yay!

Doesn’t look as good as orbitus, but it looks as if everything is included. The animations are OK, some more detail could of been added to the destruct (I like that the numbers look line the ones on my digital clock and vcr. There should of been belts included here (unless those silver animated platforms are suppose to represent belts). The BG doesn’t look that good, and not that much of a color variety. Poles are suppose to work, except for the psych pole, at least thats what violet says.

Lagunicus: I liked this the best mostly because its like the beach tileset except it can get really dark underwater, and that owns. I love this set. Pinball is all suppose to work, brown snow just isn’t right, and the poles are suppose to work (except Psych) but “Some things look weird”. Also, on a side note, good job on the example level =D!!111111!!1 (no I’m not rating the example levels, stups)

Overall I would probably build a level with each of them sometime, especially lagunicus.

Ratings: Orbitus: 9
Lagunicus: 9.7
Megairbase: 8

Overall: 8.9, rounded up to 9. Good Job and download reccomendation, and apologies for the short review (I’ll extend it sometime, seriously, WHY WONT U BELEIVE ME OMG =(!11)

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RecommendedReview by NOKA

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness45%

Wow! Finally new conversions of Violet CLM. This conversions rocks!

Orbitus is the best (I would say that this one is the best conversion I ever seen) Everything is here and lot of added things (great sky) And I know that Orbitus was the hardest tileset to convert and I give it 10!
-but there are other conversions and they aren’t so cool :<
Lagunicus I think about 9.2
and Mega Air Base (:<) well I will be honest here. This conversion is good, but it’s not as good as You should do (Violet I know that you could do that much more better) ——-The textured background is ugly :< -8.4

Total: 10+9.2+8.4:3=exactelly 9.2

Convert more like you did with Orbitus.

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Review by cloud

14 Dec 2004, 17:20
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Orbitus, Megaairbase and Lagunicus conversions rocks!!!
Orbitus is kinda funny.
Megairbase’s tank boss is funny.
Lagu nicus is easy to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

[Inappropiate rating (10) removal. You haven’t given any proper reason for your rating. Try to explain what you think of the tileset conversions’ quality, functionality, etc. Saying they are funny is not enough. – FQuist]

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