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8 Feb 2004 at 05:00 (Minor update on 8 Feb 2004)

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sjaztecctf.j2l Just some aztec 4.51 kB 13 Feb 2004
sjleafctf.j2l Leafwars 5.82 kB 12 Feb 2004
sjRockyctf.j2l Rocky Cliff 5.14 kB 08 Feb 2004
sjwildctf.j2l Wilderness wonders 3.94 kB 12 Feb 2004
Aztec.j2t Aztec 43.14 kB 03 Nov 2000
JJ1 Turtemple2 -NOKA.j2t JJ1: Turtemple2 -NOKA 148.99 kB 20 Dec 2003
NatureRuins2.j2t Nature's Ruins 2 203.02 kB 20 Jan 2003
Oasis.j2t Oasis 121.78 kB 06 Dec 2002
ctf4all.html CTF 4 ALL 5.92 kB 08 Feb 2004


Finally, I\\\‘ve uploaded a ctf-pack to j2o. Yeah, ok guys. I have now re-uploaded this pack and put the top-borders to wilderness wonders and leafwars. I was first interested about making sp-levels, but now as I\\\‘ve started online-playing some time ago, ctf-mode has come really popular and I got interested to begin to make some ctf-levels. I first didn\\\‘t want to upload them to j2o at all. Later on I decided to upload them anyways, because it would be anyways be nice idea as I upload them in a pack. So, I made several levels and put all non-test levels into the pack. I\\\‘m not interested to review ctf-levels at j2o, because they are being uploaded nowadays really much. Well, I uploaded this pack for you to review. Well, check more from the readme. And this is mostly meant for online gaming. Enjoy hosting and playing. :)


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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

First review? So it seems.

Rocky Cliff

GAMEPLAY: Linear and Spaz-biased. Somewhat chaotic at the middle.
EYE CANDY: A few misused tiles. Looks a little dull.
CARROT PLACEMENT: Would be decent if carrot placement didn’t add to the chaos.
AMMO PLACEMENT: Could be better. Powerup placement helps make the middle too pivotal.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Probably not.


GAMEPLAY: Balance is half decent. Border at bottom left could be thicker. Border at top should’ve been added.
EYE CANDY: Decent, but bland in places.
AMMO PLACEMENT: So-so. Powerup placement is questionable as well.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Can’t say yes, but it’s better than the last one.

Just some aztec

GAMEPLAY: Balance seems a little off, but it’s okay as it is. I don’t mind everything else.
EYE CANDY: Nothing special, but not bad.
CARROT PLACEMENT: Two +1 carrots, which are alright considering the powerups.
AMMO PLACEMENT: Questionable. Only gun8 and gun9. Not fond of the team-based powerups here. Pepper spray is a bit more useful in this level. Also, both teams can get the EB powerup. Was that intended?
HOST THIS OFTEN? Maybe one time if bored. I almost liked this level… until I started playing in it.

Wilderness wonders

GAMEPLAY: Balance is iffy. Top needs a border.
EYE CANDY: Confusing at first. Otherwise typical.
AMMO PLACEMENT: The RF, toaster, and seeker powerups on the left with only the bouncer powerup on the right annoyed me a bit. Could use fewer crates/barrels and better ammo placement.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Never really liked this level, so no.

Overall review: Each of these levels would be much better if a lot of the small bugs were fixed. I was surprised to find that two of the levels didn’t have a border at the top. I did’t like the consistent use of bridges all that much, since they tend to cause errors, but some of them I found to be useful. I don’t know what else to think. Needs improvement. I’m done reviewing. 7.0 it is.

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Ok, I will give this a long review.
‘Wilderness Wonders’
Gameplay: Good. It’s decent, but some more springs at some places and I’d like other colors of them too. The layout is quite good, but there is not a complete border around the level.
Eye Candy: Good. It’s good, but nothing special, though. Also, there could be more in some places.
Placement: Good. This is nice, but some places could have more ammo and a few less crates would be nice too. There is one Full Energy in the middle, and thats decent.
Originality: Good. I cant say this is very original, but the idea to place the full energy between two bridges is not too bad.
Rating: 6.7.
‘Rocky Cliff’
Gameplay: Good. It’s again decent, but not too good again. There are again springs that could be other colors or places that needed springs. But, there is a good trigger use.
Eye Candy: Good. This level has some better eye candy as the last one, but still, there could be more in some places.
Placement: Good. This is again good, there are 5 groups of ammo and a crate, with in the middle some bouncies and a bouncy PU. There is also a Full energy and a RF PU, and they’re maybe too close to eachother.
Originality: Good/Very Good. This is original, the tileset isn’t used for a CTF level yet, that makes the originality good. Also, the music isn’t used alot (or not)
Rating: 7.
Gameplay: Good. This is almost the same as the others, but I saw a dead end.
Eye Candy: Good/Very Good. Finally, a level with nice eye candy. I can say I like the eye candy here, and it’s well done.
Placement: Good. I think that the left side has more ammo, but it’s again decent. There is one full energy, and it’s good placed. There is a Bouncy PU at the left side, but the left team can’t reach it faster then the right team. So, it’s good placed. There is a warp to the Toaster PU, and that warp is too close to the left base.
Originality: Good. Again, not too original, but I can say it’s again decent.
Rating: 7.5.
‘Just some Aztec’
Gameplay: Good/Very Good. The gameplay here is better then the others, the springs are good placed, and at the right places. Also, good use of triggers.
Eye Candy: Good. This is not too good, it’s worse then the other levels eye candy. But, I can’t say it’s bad.
Placement: Good. The level has 3 types of ammo, that’s very original. There is also only 1 carrot, and that reminds me of ‘Just got Carrot Away’. The ammo placed is only gun9, 8 and fast fire, and there is a gun9 PU at the left side, and gun8 at the right side.
Originality: Good/Very Good. I already said, there are only 3 types of ammo, and that is original.
Rating: 7.5.
Host this: Well, ‘Just some Aztec’ and ‘Leafwars’ are good levels, but the other levels loop to it, so, yes, sometimes.
Download this: Sure.
Final Rating: 7.2.
Edit: there are 2 carrots, I noticed.[This review has been edited by da man]

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