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  3. <H1 ALIGN="center">CTF 4 ALL!!! - By Superjazz</H1>
  4. <A HREF="#1.What's this?"><H4 ALIGN="center">1.What's this?</H4></A>
  5. <A HREF="#2.File info"><H4 ALIGN="center">2.File info</H4></A>
  6. <A HREF="#3.About levels"><H4 ALIGN="center">3.About levels</H4></A>
  7. <A HREF="#4.Credits"><H4 ALIGN="center">4.Credits</H4></A>
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  9. <A NAME="#1.What's this?"><H2><U>1.What's this?</H2></U></A>
  10. <p>I have always been making only that kind of sp-levels which I would
  11. upload to jazz2online, then sometime I also got keen on making some
  12. ctf-levels. I now have several of them but I meant them at first just
  13. for fun, that I would host them in network and play them there, not all
  14. the time uploading them to j2o and trying to receive high ratings. That's
  15. why some of my first levels were like "tests."
  16. Then finally I decided to take all of those levels without some levels
  17. which
  18. were in my opinion like "tests." I made them a pack, and I've also made
  19. different versions about them, like battle, teambattle, etc. And I meant
  20. these levels also only for network playing. This is here just that you
  21. could download this and host these levels. But "Wilderness Wonders" and
  22. "Leafwars" are also able to play <U>PROPERLY</U> in local
  23. splitscreen-play. So, this is my first ctf-pack, and I really wanted to
  24. make them a pack, not upload them day by day separately. Simple, isn't
  25. it? Ok, now next step.</p>
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  27. <A NAME="#2.File info"><H2><U>2.File info</H2></U></A>
  28. <p>Well, no music again. Not even separately because some took even 1 MB
  29. space. The music isn't even so important than in sp-levels? And as you
  30. purchase this pack, replace the levels which you may have got while
  31. visiting my server, because they may have some updates or bug fixes.
  32. </p>
  34. <UL>
  35. <LI>Levels: sjrockyctf, sjleafctf, sjaztecctf and sjwildctf
  36. <LI>Tilesets: JJ1:Turtemple2(NOKA), Nature ruins(Disguise), Aztec(Blade)
  37.     and Oasis(Blade)
  38. <LI>And this html-readme
  39. <LI>Musics(Aren't included in pack): aryx.s3m, cz-blade.xm,
  40.     7days1week.xm, drq-heat.xm
  41. </UL>
  42. <p>Overall size of pack: 533 KB
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  44. <A NAME="#3.About levels"><H2><U>3.About levels</H2></U></A>
  45. <U>About level "Rocky Cliff"</U>
  46. <BR><BR><p>
  47. This wasn't the level I made first of this pack, but I meant that if this
  48. is hosted in a pack,(Like continuing the levels in public)then this would
  49. be like a starting-level. But the levels have so different settings so I
  50. recommend to use them as duels or "one level only"-hosting. Nowadays
  51. people quite many people don't like seeker-pu's, I have noticed that.
  52. Some say that it ruins the game. So I didn't put that in the most of the
  53. levels. Well, this level I tried to make symmetrical first, but I didn't
  54. anyways want to make it 100% symmetrical and I didn't want to make it
  55. wider as I estimated some spacing-things wrong in the level. So I put
  56. a little hill for the blue base. Car, and all the powerups are in the
  57. middle "Cliff." That makes the level name. I put the trigger-palms that
  58. you have access only by your side of palm into the bouncy-powerup.
  59. Some people complain that it's a dead end. It actually isn't because the
  60. center "tile" is just a circle, but you can be trapped by your opponent
  61. there, so watch out. While you're getting the bouncy-powerup, he might
  62. begin to shoot bouncies there. Then you have very less hope to get up
  63. alive. Both bases are covered with some walls.
  64. <BR><BR>
  65. <U>About level "Leafwars"</U>
  66. <BR><BR>
  67. This isn't symmetrical level at all, but it should be fair even powerups
  68. might be nearier the red base, so what? Moons are symbolising the bases.
  69. Name leafwars comes just because this has a lot of green trees and
  70. grass, etc. This hasn't any seekers at all. No other comments.
  71. <BR><BR>
  72. <U>About level "Just some aztec"</U>
  73. <BR><BR>
  74. <p>This level surely has really weird things. At first, when people go to
  75. the downstairs, quite many are wondering: "What? Water in aztec? Weird!"
  76. Why did I put water there. Well, the most simple reason is because
  77. there's a long straight, then it would look boring if there wouldn't be
  78. any scenery, I guess. Second shocking thing is that there is only
  79. pepperkid-spray and electro-blaster with your guns with the normal
  80. blaster. It's really time to try something new, it is at least original
  81. idea, etc. Time to own with those also. So why did I put powerups for
  82. those two guns, if they still make only 1 heart-damage. Well, just for
  83. that you get all ammos quickly. Note, that you're only able to take that
  84. powerup which is near your base. Yes, they are just next to the bases in
  85. a pit. This also isn't symmetrical.</p>
  86. <BR><BR>
  87. <U>About level "Wilderness Wonders"</U>
  88. <BR><BR>
  89. <p>This is yet a very old level, which I really meant only for my online-
  90. play, but as it looked quite good, I decided to put it into this pack
  91. also. Just fixed some bugs. This isn't also symmetrical, but hey! There
  92. is a seeker-powerup. OMG! Yes, there is. I meant this as the final level
  93. of the pack, as it has that. So I anyways put this to the pack which has
  94. seeker-powerup. Because I meant this for those who can't live without
  95. that powerup, I really recommend this for a duel-level. Level also had
  96. a stupid name before, but R3ptile invented a better name for this, thanks
  97. for him.</p>
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  99. <A NAME="#4.Credits"><H2><U>4.Credits</H2></U></A>
  100. <p>All levels by Superjazz.
  101. <BR><BR>
  102. Thanks for inventors of tilesets, and whoever made the musics.
  103. <BR><BR>
  104. Beta-testers were not necessary, as I hosted a server myself and beta-
  105. tested them by myself. But actually those who were in my server during
  106. that time, were also beta-testing them and I got some good tips. Thanks
  107. for all those also!
  108. <BR><BR>
  109. And I might make some more ctf or single-player levelpacks in the future.
  110. <BR><BR>
  111. -Superjazz was here
  112. </p>
  113. </BODY>
  114. </HTML>