Fearofdark: Jazz 1 game. (Episode 1: Devans Comeback

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13 Oct 2004 at 20:18

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fearofdark (More uploads by fearofdark)
Single player
FearofDark for creation and Violet for tilesets

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JJ1pt1.zip (1.21 MB)

File contents

Bonus 1.j2l Bonus Level 1 1.65 kB 07 Oct 2004
Bonus 2.j2l Bonus Level 2 1.77 kB 07 Oct 2004
Boss1.j2l Boss Level 1 1.54 kB 13 Oct 2004
JJ11.j2l #1: Carrot Hills 6.82 kB 11 Oct 2004
JJ12.j2l #2: Space Base 4.86 kB 11 Oct 2004
JJ13.j2l #3: Transport Tubes 6.14 kB 11 Oct 2004
JJ14.j2l Sea Water Caves 6.87 kB 11 Oct 2004
JJ15.j2l Chill Thrill 5.47 kB 13 Oct 2004
Dreempipes.j2t JJ1 Dreempipes 106.80 kB 15 Mar 2003
HolidaiusN.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Night 72.97 kB 05 Mar 2003
JJ1 DiamondusDay -NOKA.j2t JJ1: DiamondusDay -NOKA 141.81 kB 06 Dec 2003
Lagunicus.j2t JJ1 Lagunicus 111.11 kB 29 Nov 2003
Megairbase.j2t JJ1 Megairbase 33.55 kB 07 Sep 2003
Redcounter.j2t Redcounter 14.51 kB 25 Aug 2001
Boss1.j2b Jazz Boss Tune 2 271.21 kB 14 Jul 1998
Bonus.s3m 91.98 kB 22 Sep 2004
Boss.s3m 87.75 kB 12 Oct 2004
Diamondus.s3m 77.06 kB 07 May 2000
Dreampip.s3m 120.19 kB 27 Jul 1998
song16.s3m 58.64 kB 12 Jan 1998
songcd8.s3m 60.20 kB 27 Mar 1998
Xmas1.s3m 81.09 kB 06 Oct 2004


Part 1: Devans Comeback

The first 5 JJ1 planets and levels. Tilesets include Diamondus, Megairbase, Dreempipes, Lagunicus and Holidaus.

Also included: 2 bonus levels (instead of gems, it’s coins!!) and 1 boss. In the levels there are 2 shields (used as the things in the screens shaped like a diamond that fends off enemies), 1 powerup (don’t ask why), maximum of 5 carrots, maximum of 7 ivincibility carrots and 1 extra life.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you I forgot to join the last level to the boss level. And level 5 is a bit short because I wanted to get done as quickly as possible.



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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

9 Nov 2004, 00:17
I might as well work here (531 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews25 Average helpfulness90%

Huh. What we have here is a very nice single player pack, and it’s only part one. The levels all have their own individual style, and feel more or less like they belong in that tileset. Lagunicus has a lot of caves, Dreempipes is more trigger based, Diamondus is simple and flattish, etc. However, none of the levels are really all that remarkable, and there’s no apparent story, so this is not too much more than a collection of decent single player levels, all using JJ1 tilesets.
What the author lacks in level design ingenuity, he tries to make up for in flashy special effects. Strange sucker tube arrangements, fun secrets, dropping bombs, and even bonus levels add to the replay value of this pack, which alternates between normal gameplay and interesting diversions.
Unfortunately, the levels are not perfect. The eyecandy is not bad, but a lot more could have been done with the tilesets, causing some parts of the levels to look rather bland. There were also a number of tile bugs that I spotted – for examples, the slopes aren’t masked correctly in Lagunicus, and everything looks wrong underwater in Dreempipes. The last level incorrectly links to JJ16.j2l, instead of the boss level included. So there are a few problems.
Still, this is fun enough to play at least once, and how many good single player levels have you seen uploaded lately? This should help the wait for TDI2, or TR2, or FSP, or whatever sequel you happen to be waiting for.

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Review by PHT

10 Feb 2005, 22:27
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness83%

Starting Comments:

This pack was uploaded some time ago, but as there is only one review so far I gotta write one too. :)

Played with: Jazz
On difficulty: Medium
Playing time: 31 minutes


The levels were pretty decent for me. They were fun, but not a masterpiece. You travel through various JJ1 planets killing baddies, collecting goodies and sometimes solving a little puzzle. The levels were not very long, but the size was ok for me. Some more different obstacles would’ve made the pack more fun though, and some shields were toi easy to get. I found the bonus level in Lagunicus, which was cool, but a bit bugged. There is an event for secret levels which actually WORKS, though the author seems to have used the wrong one.

Score: 6.5


I found the pack pretty easy, mainly because the only obstacles are enemies, which are not used in strategic areas most of the time. Increased difficulty would make this a lot more fun.

Score: 5.0


Most of the pack was pretty basic, some creativity was shown only in the secret level of Lagunicus, which was kind of original, and the few puzzle areas. The rest was pretty standard. Maybe more puzzles or some other stuff would make the pack much more enjoyable.

Score: 6.5


The eyecandy could’ve been a lot better. There were no major tilebugs, if any, but the background was often very empty and the sprite layer did not have enough eyecandy either. It’s decent though.

Score: 6.0

Fun Factor:

At the start of the pack there’s a message telling you Devan warped Eva to the end of the universe, therefore you have to travel through all those planets. However, that’s all so I guess I’ll rate Fun Factor instead of Story.

Apart from the easiness the pack was pretty fun, maybe a bit short but not bad at all. There could be more places with springs, poles, etc. like in the original JJ2 levels. Maybe some endbosses would’ve been cool too. Those who like fast paced packs which are not too hard will like this a lot. I found it too easy though, like I’ve already said.

Score: 7.0


Overall a decent pack. It’s not a masterpiece, but worth a play if you have like not too long packs with not too hard difficulty. The eyecandy should be boosted, aswell as the item placement should be renewed and changed a bit. Still I think it’s worth a 6.8.

Overall Score: 6.7

Download Reccomendation: Maybe

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Review by SPAZ18

7 May 2006, 13:24 (edited 7 May 06, 13:25)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

This is great but just one problem, whenever I go to the 1st bonus level in Diamondus (Carrot Hills) and then go to the 2nd Bonus level in Lagunicus (Sea Water Caves) I get an error saying “Secret level cannot warp to another secret level.” Can this be fixed?

Also, I like the way the timer is used in the Bonus levels. How do you do that?

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Review by Rapcore

16 Oct 2004, 07:51
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

I would hope that you’re using my music, man :D

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