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26 Oct 2004 at 11:19 (Minor update on 7 Nov 2004)

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ReadmeJCS.txt 0.73 kB 27 Sep 2005
JCS-BACKUP.ini 19.23 kB 27 Sep 2005
JCS-FULL.ini 19.48 kB 02 Oct 2005
JCS.ini 19.48 kB 02 Oct 2005


I edited the JCS.ini to include other stuff. I have 3 versions of it. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE README!

Theres a simplified version of JCS.ini (Thrown away all the stuff that doesn’t work)

FULL Version (Includes everything, even the unknown ones)


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Review by Violet CLM

9 Nov 2004, 01:36
I might as well work here (517 Points)
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In this pack, Nobody attempts to offer a simple JCS.ini version for users who are unexperienced with JCS, in addition to a complete version with everything left in, including broken stuff. The complete version seems good enough, but the basic file (named JCS.ini to confuse people) has a few problems.
The main problem is that it leaves in a lot of broken events and parameters, like Dim Light. It also removes events that do actually do something, like Fast Feet. The removal job is often quite poor, leaving scraps of information in the .ini file, and Area ID is only half renamed to Rocket Turtle Path (the thumbnail name being “Path ID”). TSF users are also out of luck, as the basic file included here does not include any of the TSF events. The full featured file does have them, but isn’t the whole point of this upload allowing people to use a more basic .ini file?
Documentation is also somewhat poor. The readme, which manages to spell “beginners” wrong, refers to the contents of the .zip as the following:
JCS.ini (described as backup, actually the main file)
JCS-1.23.ini (described as main file, doesn’t actually exist)
JCS-TSF.ini (described as basic event list for TSF – unfortunately, it’s not included)
Considering this is for unadvanced users, you would hope that the instructions would be well done, but even here the author fails, instructing you to perform the same task multiple times, and generally confusing me as well as countless new people. I reproduce the conflicting orders here:
Extract one of them to your Jazz 2 folder.
Delete the old JCS.ini
Extract one of the files to the Jazz 2 Folder:
(list of files)
Rename that file you extracted to JCS.ini

All in all, a good try, but it doesn’t quite manage to live up to expectations. The basic file leaves too much in and is poorly cropped, the main file is poorly edited, and I’m not even sure why there’s a backup file in there. Not even a trigger zone!

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