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2 Apr 2005 at 09:33 (Minor update on 22 Apr 2005)

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xlmwanabe1.j2l Overgrown 4.69 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe10.j2l Thunderstorm of the Ancients 3.82 kB 22 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe2.j2l A Lone Island 3.39 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe3.j2l Water Surprise 5.60 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe4.j2l Blazing Speed 4.80 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe5.j2l Palace of Punishment 4.06 kB 22 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe6.j2l Windy Carrots 4.48 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe7.j2l 10 is a magical number 4.01 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe8.j2l Elixir of Distort 5.16 kB 07 Apr 2005
xlmwanabe9.j2l Marbles of §3Magic 5.08 kB 07 Apr 2005
1 suttorraC.j2t 1 suttorraC 194.53 kB 26 Mar 2005
Castle 1 x2.j2t Castle 1 x2 50.31 kB 07 May 2004
DreamyMirrow2.j2t Dreamy Mirrow ][ 111.78 kB 26 Mar 2005
HighSpeed.j2t High Speed Zone 32.50 kB 26 Feb 2005
Hocus013D.j2t Hocus Pocus 1 3D 90.35 kB 26 Apr 2003
Psych3N.j2t Psych 3 Night 190.41 kB 22 Mar 2003
Reactor core.j2t Reactor core 93.08 kB 26 Jan 2004
WSF02.j2t Windstorm Fortress II 127.16 kB 25 Feb 2004
Xargon Gloaming.j2t Xargon (Gloaming) 106.15 kB 26 May 2004
pursuit.IT Pursuit (3:24) 286.14 kB 26 Mar 2005
psychode.xm psycho desert 960.17 kB 15 May 2000
starcast.xm starcast 2020 66.76 kB 30 May 2002
FURY-VILLAGE.MOD Fury-Village 48.00 kB 03 Apr 1996
ctend.s3m To Far Away Times 120.36 kB 28 Dec 2001
FREE PR0N.HTM \o/ Readme you decided to read \o/ 11.08 kB 03 Apr 2005
backimg.png 21.91 kB 26 Mar 2005


It’s all in the readme.

More edits: Improved anti latecomer system a bit so it doesn’t suck like it did.

…and improved once again today.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.7

RecommendedReview by Sonyk

3 Apr 2005, 01:03
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness62%

Okay, people got all annoied at my “underrating” of this set, but for someone who never used the Access Violation patch, or knows how to avoid common errors and problems… the levels were kinda unstable, which made playing them horrible and all. Anyway, with the fixes the levels are more enjoyable.

Each level is basic ground force, nothing too special about the types. When each level starts, the system is different in each. But the server locks the start area, which makes problems in servers with downloaders.

Each level has its own little “theme” which relates to the levels name, more often than not. Like in ’10 is a magical number’, each block takes ten hits to destroy it. In ‘Thunderstorm of the Ancients’, there are even turtles, which I presume to be the ‘Ancients.’

Overall, the levels are nicely made, but ground force is a ‘you like it; you don’t’ kind of thing, so downloading it is really your choice.

Overall, since Ground Force levels are (in my opinion) not that original, or anything breathtaking, I didn’t really see anything in this pack that really deserved a 9+, but the levels are nice, so an 8 is about right.

EDIT: After playing the levels some more, I started liking them more and more, so, I recommend to download them now. Very much so.

A little note I would like to make to those who blame me for “underrating” as well. A review is how I liked the pack and the rating is what I felt it deserved. As long as I provide reason (which I did) I could’ve made this rating lower or higher. So, I had reason for rating it the way I originally did, and thus, if you didn’t like it, simply ignore what I have to say from now on.

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Review by cooba

4 Apr 2005, 14:22
Carrot Juice Addict (331 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews33 Average helpfulness85%

It’s not the trigger crate what blocks the wallclimb spot, it’s the trigger zone. It’s there so latecomers don’t wallclimb in when game starts. However, this system falls prey when server is laggy, and right now I’m modifying it. Thanks for noticing that, Blacky.

(blah) Nonetheless, thanks for pointing the bugs out, Sonyk. You helped me with making these levels better, thanks to you. =)

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