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<title>\o/ Readme you decided to read \o/</title>
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<table width="75%"  border="1" align="center" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#000000">
    <td bordercolor="#6620CC" bgcolor="#6620CC" class="style2"><div align="center" class="style48"><blink>--</blink> Avoidance <blink>--</blink> </div></td>
    <td bordercolor="#6620CC" bgcolor="#6620CC" class="style2"><div align="center" class="style48">also known as: Wannabe</div></td>
    <td bordercolor="#0099CC" bgcolor="#17B9C6">      <p class="style42"><strong>Why such title? Maybe because I'm a blur wannabe of sorts, but hey, who nowadays isn't one? The following levels I made because I indeed am a blur wannabe and those levels are epitome of wannabe-ness.

However, you do *not* think that it's all a plain boring copy of Survivor. These levels are fullfilled with fresh concepts and twists to make the Ground Force gameplay more enjoyable than ever.</strong><br><br>
      <span class="style32">      And that's how        this all began:
        I have finally finished
        <a href=>Quicksand is Mighty</a>. The problem was,
        it had no reviews although the level was atop the Latest Uploads list a week.
        A few days later, R3ptile popped up on MSN saying: "Reviewing ground force wouldn't be too hard... make a pack of 10 of them" I refused at first, but then I got the idea, why not make such pack? Ground Force is fun both to make and play, after all, so I went to JCS and I began BUILDING.</span>
      <hr>      <p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45"><em>1: Overgrown </span><br></em>
        <br>Tileset by Nick Stadler/Newspaz (Castle1 x2)<br>Music by Nitro/Dee/Dubius (The Warhead)<br><br><span class="style32">This level is a challenge. You must blast your way through a bunch of buttstomp blocks, and there's food spread everywhere. Getting food means (almost) an immediate death to you, because buttstomp blocks destroy upon contact with you while you're on a Sugar Rush.<br><br>Fortunately, there are copters around, which allow you to fly high in the sky and stay alive for a few seconds.<br><br></span>
        <em>Solution: This requires you to be skilled with copters and careful landing upon ground. However, you can bounce off blocks while on a rush, and thus you will remain safe for several seconds.</span></p><hr>
      <p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45"><em>2: A Lone Island </span><br></em></em>
        <br>Tileset by Nick Stadler/BlurredD (Psych 3 Night)<br>Music by Gryzor (Fury-Village)<br><br><span class="style32">This one has gone through several revisions I don't feel like mentioning. Anyway, the goal is, to avoid the vines at opposite sides of the island or else you'll be out. However, there's a crate underneath the surface, and that crate establishes a chain reaction between explosive crates falling from the sky.<br><br>Be careful with <strike>TFs</strike> RFs here, they tend you to push you off the level - or even worse, push you straight into one of the vines.<br><br>
      <em>Solution: You can use the vines to fly through one side of level to another. Bounce off the island, and then move to the vine so you'll be pushed backwards. Be ready to buttstomp while mid-air, or else you'll be pushed into the another vine and thus you'll be out! </span></p><hr>
      <p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">3: Water Surprise </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by Nick Stadler (Beach 2)<br>Music by Nobo Uematsu/Terha Uzyn (To Far Away Times)<br><br><span class="style32">This one differs a bit from the rest of the levels. Mainly because it uses a default tileset which is NOT modified, and because it has water you can walk in. Kinda like a level with low gravity. The eyecandy feels a little different, too, it's not what would you expect from a typical (well, not really typical ;p) Beach level.<br><br>
          <em>Solution: Stay well away from the long pits.</span></p><hr>
      <p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">4: Blazing Speed </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by AcId (Reactor Core)<br>Music by Alexander Brandon/Labratkid (Medieval Rats)<br>Special thanks for Booshi for helping me A LOT with eyecandy here \o/<br><br><span class="style32">Each time you hit a crate, a turtle shell (or a few turtle shells) will fall with blazing speed and everything it meets on its way down is destroyed. There are quite a lot of crates, and if all are hit, Seeker missiles spread around suddenly become powerful because they can push you off a remain of slaughtered level surface.<br><br>
          <em>Solution: If you hit a crate, do NOT stand in the place it was on, or you'll be out!</span></p>
      <hr>      <p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">5: Palace of Punishment </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by Violet CLM (High Speed Zone)<br>Music by ??? (Psycho Desert)<br><br><span class="style32">I got this tileset in order to give Violet feedback. However, he hasn't worked much on it since I got it, so I decided to use it in my level because the marble tiles looked like they'd be fun to use. Anyway, the main goal of this level is to avoid coins or else you will be warped out and taunted by a text string. ;( This level gets destroyed fast, too, as the crates contain a lot of TNT (and even more coins ;p).<br><br> 
        <em>Solution: Shoot the coins down.</span></p><hr>
<p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">6: Windy Carrots </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by Nick Stadler/R3ptile (1 suttorraC)<br>Music by Alexander Brandon (Green Target)<br><br>I have picked this particularly tricky tileset for no real reason. Oh well. Anyway, the main concept of this level is to avoid strong wind coincidientally blowing just above the arena. If you get blown by it, you are most likely out.<br><br>
        <em>Solution: Dig deep to get TNT pickups and then dig even deeper.</span></p><hr>
<p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">7: 10 is a magical number </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by BlurredD (Windstorm Fortress II)<br>Music by Rez/Eclipse (Starcast 2020)<br><br>The name says it all: To destroy a single block, you must shoot it 10 times. Fortunately, you get TNT and powerups before warping into the arena. The arena gets destroyed easily with lots of players though, as there are five crates spread on the map, and each done deals a decent damage.<br><br>
        <em>Solution: There are two towers on the opposite sides of this level. Jump from one to one and shoot Bouncers while airborne.</span></p><hr>
<p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45"><em>8: Elixir of Distort </span><br></em></em>
        <br>Tileset by Apogee/Violet CLM (Hocus Pocus 1 3D)<br>Music by Big Jim (Voyage to Eternity)<br><br><span class="style32">The concept in this level is, there are five crates, and the last one destroys almost everything, but you must destroy four other crates to get access to the fifth. Crates are representing potions (when a crate is destroyed, a sprite of a potion blinks for a while); I wanted this level to use Trigger Zones, but later I realised that it'd suck =(<br><br> 
        <em>Solution: A LONG column of Toaster ammo is located a few tiles right to the two potions at start. Take the ammo and DESTROY so there's a chance that fifth potion will destroy almost everything.</span></p><hr>
<p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">9: Marbles of Magic </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by Disguise (Dreamy Mirrow ][)<br>Music by Alexander Brandon (Haunted Terrero)<br><br>I wanted this level to have a "dark and evil" feeling like CliffyB's (and presumably Jeh's as well) official Haunted House levels, and I think I succeed. Not only the atmosphere is a little bit scary (thanks to Alex Brandon's wonderful music), but also this level features a "magical" way of destruct blocks APPEARING. Check for yourself.<br><br>
        <em>Solution: When anyone else in game will climb up to the platform with three crates, stay in the ring everyone began the game in. That should protect you from the risk of "blind falling" down from the top.</span></p><hr>
<p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45">10: Thunderstorm of the Ancients </span><br></em></em><br>Tileset by Apogee/Spaztic (Xargon (Gloaming))<br>Music taken from Donkey Kong Country 3 (Pursuit)<br><br>This tileset, surprisingly enough, supports Normal Turtle enemies (supposed to be the ancients levelname refers to). Obviously enough, when you shoot one, a turtle shell will fall down and destroy everything on its way down, while the turtle respawns. Yeah, I'm well aware I made this sound a little bit evil. ;p<br><br><em>Solution: Stay away from lower parts of the level or you will be hurt with Seeker missiles; the impact can push you off the platform you stand on.</span></p><hr>
<p class="style42"><span class="style38"><span class="style45"><center>Credits</center></em></em><hr>Level design: Cooba of XLM.<br><br>Additional level design and eyecandy: Booshi aka P4ul.<br><br>BlurredD, for creating <a href=>Survivor v2</a> which inspired me to create <a href=>Quicksand is Mighty</a>, which inspired me to make a Ground Force pack.<br><br>People who made tilesets and musics I have already listed.<br><br>Labratkid for a few random things ;D<br><br>The whole TF clan and XLM level group for existing and stuff ;p<br><br>You for downloading this pack and actually bothering to read this readme.<br><br>ChippieBW for letting me edit <a href=>Quattro Stagioni's</a> readme >DDD<br><br>Some random bunch of n00bs on TSF servers who let me kick their butt online when I needed it at the most \o/<br><br>Pyromanus for awesome April Foo's Day prank \ooo/<br><br>Alex[LR] for requesting someone to hack my old OnetMail account.<br><br><hr>
<center>=== A <a href=>XLM</a> Creation - 2005 ===</center><br>
<!--A is not close to O><hr>