XLM Summer Pack 2005

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24 Jun 2005 at 23:04 (Major update on 25 Jun 2005)

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Xtreme Level Makers (More uploads by Xtreme Level Makers)
Levels created by: Arti, Cooba, DarkSonic, Dx, Olsen, Satan, Snooze. Compiled by: ChippieBW. Tilesets by BlurredD, Pyromanus, Kaven, Disguise, Blade & the original JJ2 staff.

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readme.htm XLM Summer Pack 2005 - Information Page 22.39 kB 24 Jun 2005
xlmsp05bat1.j2l The Hidden Kingdom 7.10 kB 22 Jun 2005
xlmsp05bat2.j2l Rocky Gardens 6.89 kB 22 Jun 2005
xlmsp05bat3.j2l A lighty X-Mas Lava Version 9.52 kB 22 Jun 2005
xlmsp05bat4.j2l Wooden wonders 7.83 kB 22 Jun 2005
xlmsp05bat5.j2l Midnight Battle 5.13 kB 22 Jun 2005
xlmsp05ctf1.j2l Harmful Hazardous Harbour 8.70 kB 25 Jun 2005
xlmsp05ctf2.j2l sTaTiOn 87 8.66 kB 25 Jun 2005
xlmsp05ctf3.j2l Pitfall CTF 5.21 kB 25 Jun 2005
xlmsp05gf1.j2l Cutted Problem 5.65 kB 22 Jun 2005
xlmsp05gf2.j2l Full Moon Time 5.66 kB 25 Jun 2005
xlmsp05gf3.j2l Castle Of Fake 3.98 kB 22 Jun 2005
7th Lava Fall.j2t 7th Lava Fall 345.14 kB 06 Sep 2000
DiambDay.j2t Diamondus ? Day 247.22 kB 16 Nov 2004
DiambGarden.j2t Diamondus ? Garden 247.29 kB 16 Nov 2004
DiambMidn.j2t Diamondus ? Midnight 247.21 kB 16 Nov 2004
Forest.j2t Forest 121.96 kB 14 Mar 2005
Islands.j2t Islands 108.75 kB 03 May 2005
SpaceWarbase.j2t Space Warbase 138.96 kB 30 May 2002
Thermal.j2t Thermal K.1 195.67 kB 11 May 1999
WSF03.j2t Windstorm Fortress III 127.12 kB 25 Feb 2004
bg.gif 0.98 kB 30 Dec 2004
fi.gif 0.98 kB 30 Dec 2004
nl.gif 0.98 kB 14 Dec 2004
pl.gif 0.98 kB 14 Dec 2004
se.gif 0.98 kB 14 Dec 2004
spbg.PNG 109.74 kB 24 Jun 2005


Here it is…

After multiple months of hard work, beta-testing, crying, flaming each other, compiling, remastering and joy it’s finally finished. Maybe some of you might not know what we’re talking about – it’s the XLM Summer Pack 2005! This pack contains the newest stuff by a broad range of XLM members – a total of 8 people of XLM worked on it.
It took a while before the pack was finally done: the first plans were made during February 2005 (the initial upload date would be May 1st, 2005) but due to postponing and other troubles we couldn’t upload it at the right time. But now, here it is, with still the majority of the summer ahead! Yay!

The pack consists out of 11 level brand new and never before uploaded levels, in three game-types: Ground Force, Battle, and Capture The Flag. Have fun playing them, and do not mind hosting them online! (In fact, we force you to.)

Further information about the pack, the levels, the members, XLM and the meaning of lifecan be found in the readme file, so don’t forget to read it.

Audio files can be downloaded here:

Have fun playing!
~ The Xtreme Level Makers (XLM)
Update #1/2 : After the next level settings in Snooze’s 1st level and the start position fix in his 2nd level, I fixed some stuff as well. (DarkSonic)
Added something to my level, fixed the bug in Ðx’s level if I did it correctly. I didn’t change more because I don’t want fights.


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The audio pack don’t work. Fix that.

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