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  4. <title>XLM Summer Pack 2005 - Information Page</title>
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  37. <table width="75%"  border="1" align="center" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#FF0000">
  38.   <tr>
  39.     <td bordercolor="#FFCC33" bgcolor="#FFCC33" class="style2"><div align="center" class="style48">::
  40.     The XLM Summer Pack 2005!! :: </div></td>
  41.   </tr>
  42.   <tr>
  43.     <td bordercolor="#0099CC" bgcolor="#FFFF99">      <p class="style57"><strong>Introduction</strong><br>
  44.       In the first place, thank you for downloading this
  45.       special pack! In contrary to what you expect from other XLM uploads, is
  46.       this a (big!) pack with a lot of quality levels from a broad selection
  47.       of our members. In this pack included are: Ground Force, Battle and CTF.
  48.       Take a seat and enjoy the summery feelings while playing this! (Note: Further
  49.       in the readme, you will find detailed information about every single level)</p>
  50.       <p><span class="style58">History<br>
  51.       </span><span class="style57">Ironically, the plans for the pack were already
  52.       made before the real winter started (at least in the Netherlands). When
  53.       I saw J2LC uploaded a (quite late) Summerpack for 2004, I thought &quot;Let's
  54.       make something like that as well!&quot; I contacted some members from the
  55.       group and luckily there was some healthy enthousiasm for it. So after a
  56.       while, I started making plans, and the guidelines were released on the
  57.       last day of February. <br>
  58.       <br>
  59.       The initial date for completion would be at May 1st. This seemed a little
  60.       early, but I already expected that the pack would be postponed several
  61.       times. And this happened - many people weren't finished with their levels
  62.       yet and so the new date for the pack would be June 1st, still before summer.
  63.       This date again didn't make it, so I decided to do it at June 21st, the
  64.       same day as the start of the meteorological summer. This day didn't make
  65.       it either, so I postponed it AGAIN to the current date. And here it is! <br>
  66.       <br>
  67.       <strong>The levels<br>
  68.       </strong>XLM wouldn't be XLM if we decided to add only one type of levels
  69.       to the Summer Pack. Instead, we created levels in different categories
  70.       so the total would have some variety. Here's the list of all the included
  71.       levels:<br>
  72.       <br>
  73.       - 5 Battle<br>
  74.       - 3 Ground Force<br>
  75.       - 3 Capture The Flag<br>
  76.       <br>
  77.       Got interested? Well, have a closer look at the levels below!<br>
  78.       <br>
  79.       <strong>The music files (important!)<br>
  80.       </strong>The total size of the Summer Pack would be too big for a Jazz2Online
  81.       upload, so we decided to put the music files in a .zip file on our private
  82.       XLM server. You can download it at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. </span></p>
  83.       <hr>      <p class="style57"><strong>The Levels:<br>
  84.       </strong>You see, 11 levels. All produced by XLM members, with one collaboration
  85.       in it. Below follows a short desciption of all the included levels, sorted
  86.       on the order they are entered in the pack.</p>
  87.       <p><span class="style64"><span class="style57"><em><strong>Battle</strong></em> </span></span></p>
  88.       <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  89.         <tr>
  90.           <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">The Hidden Kingdom (xlmsp05bat1.j2l) </span></td>
  91.         </tr>
  92.         <tr>
  93.           <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  94.           <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="pl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Cooba &amp; <img src="se.gif" width="18" height="12"> Olsen </span></td>
  95.         </tr>
  96.         <tr>
  97.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  98.           <td><span class="style64">Battle</span></td>
  99.         </tr>
  100.         <tr>
  101.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  102.           <td><span class="style64">Forest</span></td>
  103.         </tr>
  104.         <tr>
  105.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  106.           <td><span class="style64">Bonus</span></td>
  107.         </tr>
  108.       </table>
  109.       <p><span class="style64"><span class="style57">Just when Satan had completed
  110.             his Forest battle level &quot;Wooden Wonders&quot;, Cooba and Olsen
  111.             both announced they had made a Forest level, which later turned out
  112.             to be that it was a collaboration - the only one in the Summer Pack.
  113.             The level is darn original in many ways - players will in the first
  114.             place notice that the background is slightly different from the usual
  115.             (instead of the green hills, mountains and forests, a metal tower
  116.             is used) and the layout is different too, but I won't explain more.
  117.             You have to experience it for yourself!</span></span></p>
  118.       <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  119.         <tr>
  120.           <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Rocky Gardens (xlmsp05bat2.j2l) </span></td>
  121.         </tr>
  122.         <tr>
  123.           <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  124.           <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Arti</span> </td>
  125.         </tr>
  126.         <tr>
  127.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  128.           <td><span class="style64">Battle</span></td>
  129.         </tr>
  130.         <tr>
  131.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  132.           <td><span class="style64">Diamondus Beta Garden </span></td>
  133.         </tr>
  134.         <tr>
  135.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  136.           <td><span class="style64">Astral Dreams </span></td>
  137.         </tr>
  138.       </table>
  139.       <p class="style64"><span class="style57">This level, made with the Diamondus
  140.           Beta Garden tileset, is Arti's entry for the Summer Pack. Arti - one
  141.           of our youngest and only female member - joined XLM a while ago after
  142.           uploading two nice battle levels which got thumbs up from quite a few
  143.           reviewers. Her third level - called &quot;Rocky Gardens&quot; is a
  144.           level with the Diamondus Beta Garden tileset, which is known from &quot;Garden
  145.           Brawl&quot;. The structure is built up similar to the two earlier Arti
  146.           levels, which is a good thing. The top side of the level is controlled
  147.           by gusty winds, so watch your back! </span></p>
  148.       <table width="43%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  149.         <tr>
  150.           <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">A Lighty X-mas: Lava Version
  151.               (xlmsp05bat3.j2l) </span></td>
  152.         </tr>
  153.         <tr>
  154.           <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  155.           <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Dx </span></td>
  156.         </tr>
  157.         <tr>
  158.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  159.           <td><span class="style64">Battle</span></td>
  160.         </tr>
  161.         <tr>
  162.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  163.           <td><span class="style64">Thermal K1 </span></td>
  164.         </tr>
  165.         <tr>
  166.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  167.           <td><span class="style64">Hell (Standard)</span></td>
  168.         </tr>
  169.       </table>
  170.       <p><span class="style64"><span class="style57">Insiders of the level scene
  171.             might think they saw this level before. Did they? Yes and no. &quot;A
  172.             Lighty X-mas: Lava Edition&quot; was originally made for the Christmas
  173.             Server 2004 and it has already been uploaded as single level (actually
  174.             one of the first levels for the revived XLM, to be precise) but &ETH;x
  175.             completely remastered the level, changed the usual Carrotus Day tileset
  176.             to the post-apocalyptic Thermal K1 version, removed the snow and
  177.             changed the music. In this way, A Lighty X-mas gets a totally different
  178.             look and it's also playable without Christmas now! </span></span></p>
  179.       <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  180.         <tr>
  181.           <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Wooden Wonders (xlmsp05bat4.j2l) </span></td>
  182.         </tr>
  183.         <tr>
  184.           <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  185.           <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Satan </span></td>
  186.         </tr>
  187.         <tr>
  188.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  189.           <td><span class="style64">Battle</span></td>
  190.         </tr>
  191.         <tr>
  192.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  193.           <td><span class="style64">Forest</span></td>
  194.         </tr>
  195.         <tr>
  196.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  197.           <td><span class="style64">Greenland</span></td>
  198.         </tr>
  199.       </table>
  200.       <p class="style64"><span class="style57">Satan, also a phenomenon within
  201.           the Xtreme Level Makers (he was one of the first members that joined
  202.           the levelgroup, and he's been loyal ever since) also said he would
  203.           make a level for the pack, and he was actually the first who finished
  204.           his level. The level, made with the Forest tileset (again by Blade)
  205.           is a good, typical battle level placed inside a forest, with great
  206.           natural eyecandy and dark caves. Satan even announced to make a second
  207.           level, but due to time problems he wasn't able to make it. Nevermind,
  208.           we still have this one! </span></p>
  209.       <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  210.         <tr>
  211.           <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Midnight Battle (xlmsp05bat5.j2l) </span></td>
  212.         </tr>
  213.         <tr>
  214.           <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  215.           <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="bg.gif" width="18" height="12"> Alex </span></td>
  216.         </tr>
  217.         <tr>
  218.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  219.           <td><span class="style64">Battle</span></td>
  220.         </tr>
  221.         <tr>
  222.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  223.           <td><span class="style64">Diamondus Beta Midnight </span></td>
  224.         </tr>
  225.         <tr>
  226.           <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  227.           <td><span class="style64">Diamond (Standard) </span></td>
  228.         </tr>
  229.       </table>
  230.       <p><span class="style64"><span class="style57">Midnight Battle, one of
  231.             the latest additions to the pack, was released only a week or so
  232.             before the actual pack. Ale - the creator - was not quite satisfied
  233.             with the levels he made earlier for XLM and after lots of tips and
  234.             suggestions he started a level with Diamondus Beta Midnight. After
  235.             a while, the level was released but it was still a bit simple and
  236.             poor. So Alex ducked in JCS again and re-edited the entire level.
  237.             The result was definately one of his best levels ever. Got curious?
  238.             Don't wait to play!</span></span></p>      
  239.       <p><span class="style64"><span class="style57"><em><strong>Ground Force </strong></em></span></span></p>
  240.         <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  241.           <tr>
  242.             <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Cutted Problem (xlmsp05gf1.j2l) </span></td>
  243.           </tr>
  244.           <tr>
  245.             <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  246.             <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Dx </span></td>
  247.           </tr>
  248.           <tr>
  249.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  250.             <td><span class="style64">Ground Force </span></td>
  251.           </tr>
  252.           <tr>
  253.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  254.             <td><span class="style64">Diamondus Beta Day </span></td>
  255.           </tr>
  256.           <tr>
  257.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  258.             <td><span class="style64">Ush Overdrive </span></td>
  259.           </tr>
  260.         </table>        
  261.         <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  262.           <tr>
  263.             <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Full Moon Time (xlmsp05gf2.j2l) </span></td>
  264.           </tr>
  265.           <tr>
  266.             <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  267.             <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Dx </span></td>
  268.           </tr>
  269.           <tr>
  270.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  271.             <td><span class="style64">Ground Force </span></td>
  272.           </tr>
  273.           <tr>
  274.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  275.             <td><span class="style64">7th Lava Fall </span></td>
  276.           </tr>
  277.           <tr>
  278.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  279.             <td><span class="style64">The Summer Planet </span></td>
  280.           </tr>
  281.         </table>        
  282.         <table width="40%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  283.           <tr>
  284.             <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Castle Of Fake (xlmsp05gf3.j2l) </span></td>
  285.           </tr>
  286.           <tr>
  287.             <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  288.             <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> Dx </span></td>
  289.           </tr>
  290.           <tr>
  291.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  292.             <td><span class="style64">Ground Force </span></td>
  293.           </tr>
  294.           <tr>
  295.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  296.             <td><span class="style64">Windstorm Fortress III </span></td>
  297.           </tr>
  298.           <tr>
  299.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  300.             <td><span class="style64">Shared Dig </span></td>
  301.           </tr>
  302.         </table>
  303.         <p><span class="style64"><span class="style57">&ETH;x, since the beginning
  304.               one of the most active members for XLM, justified this title by
  305.               making a total of 4(!) levels for the Summer Pack 2005. He made,
  306.               in his own, a complete Ground Force cycle. Not all the levels are
  307.               created with summery tilesets (which was a requirement first, but
  308.               because of Dx already made the levels I couldn't refuse anymore)
  309.               but they're still a bit summery thanks to atmosphere and music.
  310.               All three of them are Ground Force levels, without a Jazz Protection
  311.               System - this means you can either play them with Jazz or Spaz.
  312.               Have fun, and don't touch the bottom! :D </span></span></p>
  313.         <p class="style57"><em><strong>Capture The Flag</strong></em></p>
  314.         <table width="46%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  315.           <tr>
  316.             <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Harmful Hazardous Harbour (xlmsp05ctf1.j2l) </span></td>
  317.           </tr>
  318.           <tr>
  319.             <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  320.             <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="nl.gif" width="18" height="12"> DarkSonic </span></td>
  321.           </tr>
  322.           <tr>
  323.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  324.             <td><span class="style64">Capture The Flag </span></td>
  325.           </tr>
  326.           <tr>
  327.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  328.             <td><span class="style64">Islands Of The Sapphire Sea</span></td>
  329.           </tr>
  330.           <tr>
  331.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  332.             <td><span class="style64">Warm Waters </span></td>
  333.           </tr>
  334.         </table>
  335.         <p class="style64"><span class="style57">A XLM pack would be nothing
  336.             without a level by our co-leader, DarkSonic (although no level of
  337.             the leader is included :( ) and after the Summer Pack was announced,
  338.             DarkSonic started quite quickly with the creation of his level. Thius
  339.             level, called &quot;Harmful Hazardous Harbour&quot; (xlmhahaha.j2l)
  340.             has the big honour to be the first CTF level ever created with the
  341.             already famous Islands of the Sapphire Sea tileset. The layout is
  342.             quite easy to learn, and the eyecandy is splendour. The only CTF
  343.             level in this pack is definately worth a look! (even more!)</span></p>
  344.         <table width="46%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  345.           <tr>
  346.             <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">sTaTiOn 87  (xlmsp05ctf2.j2l) </span></td>
  347.           </tr>
  348.           <tr>
  349.             <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  350.             <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="fi.gif" width="18" height="12"> Snooze</span></td>
  351.           </tr>
  352.           <tr>
  353.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  354.             <td><span class="style64">Capture The Flag </span></td>
  355.           </tr>
  356.           <tr>
  357.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  358.             <td><span class="style64">Space Warbase </span></td>
  359.           </tr>
  360.           <tr>
  361.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  362.             <td><span class="style64">Sattelite</span></td>
  363.           </tr>
  364.         </table>
  365.         <p class="style64"><span class="style57">Snooze, who only recently joined
  366.             XLM as level creator, showed interest in the pack when it was almost
  367.             finished already. He promised he would make a few levels, and so
  368.             he did. His first entry of the pack, sTaTiOn 87, was finished a month
  369.             or so before the pack would come out. It doesn not fit completely
  370.             with the summery theme (it's more spacy) but because of the lack
  371.             of levels we had, I still accepted it. It's a fresh and good level,
  372.             without being too similar to the oh so popular &quot;other Space Warbase
  373.             CTF level&quot;, Zaitox Station 67. Only the name has some comparisons
  374.             :P</span></p>
  375.         <table width="46%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  376.           <tr>
  377.             <td colspan="2"><span class="style63">Pitfall CTF (xlmsp05ctf3.j2l) </span></td>
  378.           </tr>
  379.           <tr>
  380.             <td width="21%" height="14"><span class="style67">Author:</span></td>
  381.             <td width="79%"><span class="style64"><img src="fi.gif" width="18" height="12"> Snooze </span></td>
  382.           </tr>
  383.           <tr>
  384.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Type:</span></td>
  385.             <td><span class="style64">Capture The Flag </span></td>
  386.           </tr>
  387.           <tr>
  388.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Tileset:</span></td>
  389.             <td><span class="style64">Diamondus Beta Garden </span></td>
  390.           </tr>
  391.           <tr>
  392.             <td height="13"><span class="style67">Music:</span></td>
  393.             <td><span class="style64">Sun Song </span></td>
  394.           </tr>
  395.         </table>
  396.         <p class="style64"><span class="style57">Snooze, who also made sTaTiOn
  397.             87, decided to make another quick CTF just before the actual release
  398.             date. The result, Pitfall CTF, is a quite small but really interesting
  399.             CTF level with the Diamondus Beta Garden tileset. The level is built
  400.             above a deep pit (although it's quite impossible to fall in it) and
  401.             it's funny to play in.<br>
  402. <br>
  403.             This is the last one, have fun! </span></p>
  404.         <hr>      <p class="style56"><span class="style47">Credits:<br>
  405.           </span><span class="style42">The XLM Summer Pack 2005 was made by a
  406.           slect group of levelmakers from the XLM level-group. The names of the
  407.           creators are: DarkSonic, &ETH;x, Arti, Satan, Cooba, Alex, Olsen, Snooze
  408.           and ChippieBW (only compiling). The persons who get credit for making
  409.           the tilesets are: Disguise, Pyromanus, Blade, BlurredD, Mystic Legends,
  410.           Kaven and of course the official Jazz2 tileset creators!<br>
  411.           <br>
  412.           It took a long, LONG time before this pack was finally finished (about
  413.           4 months) so we're glad that we can finally succesfully close this
  414.           chapter in XLM's history. Have fun playing &amp; feel free to review this
  415.           pack, and don't forget to visit our website for all the info about
  416.           our group!</span><span class="style47">
  417.         </span></p>
  418.         <p class="style42"><span class="style56">~ The Xtreme Level Makers<br>
  419.             <a href="">
  420.             </a></span><br>
  421.       </p>
  422.     </td>
  423.   </tr>
  424. <br>
  425. </span></p>
  427. </body>
  428. </html>