Carrotus Mountain

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28 Nov 2006 at 21:21 (Minor update on 5 Aug 2009)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Tileset conversion
Noka for Beta Testing
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iccmountains1.j2l Tossed Salad 12.68 kB 28 Nov 2006
iccmountains2.j2l Tossed Salad 12.69 kB 28 Nov 2006
iccmountains3.j2l Tossed Salad 12.48 kB 28 Nov 2006
CMountainN.j2t Carrotus Mountains Nig 201.23 kB 28 Nov 2006
CMountainsD.j2t Carrotus Mountains Day 201.22 kB 28 Nov 2006
CMountainsE.j2t Carrotus Mountains Eve 201.23 kB 28 Nov 2006
AMBIENTtwist.xm ambient twist 570.79 kB 06 Jun 1998
GW2.XM Gateways part II 1000.44 kB 19 Nov 2006
prplsky2.s3m Purple Sky II 144.56 kB 11 Nov 2004


Yep, its another conversion by me!

What it is:

*Fixed Mask
*Vertical Borders for cave tiles
*2 Palette Edits :D
*New tiles

And the same old rubbish…

EDIT – Made a new version.


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Review by Janus aka Jahari

29 Nov 2006, 22:10
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness70%

Here’s the re-review.

Color 3.7/5 : The color is very good in the day version. The evening version, however, needs a re-do with the background. Purple sky AND mountains AND lake is a little bland, and I find the color hard on the eyes. I think an evening version could do better with an orange color to match the carrots in the tileset. The storm version is okay, but I would prefer it if you put the rain in single drops rather than clumps. It makes the level very hard to navigate. All three tilesets could have used a better color for the carrots. They seemed to be wilting, unless that was your intention. The background trees and castle in the night version should have been darker than they were.

Layout N/A: It’s not any different from the original except for the added tiles. if you can help it, make the next tileset more user-friendly than the original.

@Cooba. I don’t care whether the original tileset is more or less easy to use. There is always room for improvement, and I prefer to rate based on effort.

Originality 2/3: I like it, yet it’s been done before in a sense. The tileset is somewhere between TSF Easter and the original Carrotus tileset.

Effort 1.8/2: This was nicely done. I think you could have touched up the layout of the tileset. Also when you make a tileset you should consider how the background is going to contrast with the sprite layer and other eyecandy.

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Not recommendedReview by Violet CLM

7 Jan 2007, 10:26
I might as well work here (538 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

I’m going to say it straightout… don’t bother downloading this. There’s no point. Carrotus Mountain fixes a few masks and adds two or three nice tiles, but everything it does, Carrotus Fix does better. Besides, Carrotus Mountain has a horrendous palette. Three of them. Carrotus Fix does not. Carrotus Mountain just throws in some ripped background stuff, leaves various stuff unfixed, and calls it a day. Please don’t download it.

(Waterfall: -.3 Psych Mountains: -.2)

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Review by Bluespaz7

3 Dec 2006, 15:18
Frog (10 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings10 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%

Nice :D

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Review by Jimbob

5 Dec 2006, 04:38
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

…You’re talented.
…That’s all I’ve got to say… really.

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Review by Jazz-Les

8 Dec 2006, 17:01 (edited 8 Dec 06, 17:44)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness27%

Holyoli, I really like this one!!!!
I just luv it <3 <3 <3

Ok, lets begin with the review!!!

Colors: This is the thing a luv the most!!!
I’ll rate the colors of all 3 versions appart of each other.

Day Tileset:

Ground tiles: They’ve got a more light-bronish tint now which looks great.

Eyecandy Objects: The carrots now look more bronish, i think they got the wrong color now, carrots normally look orange, dont they????
The foliage looks lighter green then first, which looks good cuz the whole version is light and I like the color of it.The flowers look exactly the same as before, which is a minor bad point cuz you could at least make the purple petals green orso and make a second flower (the same) but then with light-blue petals orso, which looks beautiful with the environment (in my opinion).

Background Tiles: The sky is beautifully bright and light-blue which i really like.
The castle looks almost the same as first, which isnt that terrible cause i dont know which color to give it besides the whitey one.

The Blocks: Look exactly same as before, you could at least make other blocks (special guns, ?s and key blocks) and give them other colors (or make more colors) like green and brownish (or a mix of them like in diamondus ß). But thats not that important.

New Tiles:
Rain: It has has a nice color.
Backgroundmountains + water: yes, this looks good, the color is good chosen.
Waterfall: The color is again good chosen and it looks so beautiful!!!!

As I earlier mentioned, I really like the colors of this version. It mainly uses three colors: Light-brownish for ground and wooden poles etc., light-green for the foliage, and a beauteous light-blue color for sky, water things and mountains.

Evening version:

Everthing looks just a bit darker, so almost the same, but thats ok cuz the rest is looks a bit darker too.
The biggest difference is the light-blue things are now purple, which looks good too, i really liked that too!!!
Thats it for the evening version…

Night (Storm) Version:

Again everything a bit darker (not a bit, but not much either).
And again the light-blue or purple things had the biggest changes, they now look dark-blue which looks good too. The colors are great for making a level IN a mountain.

Difficulty to use and Layout:

Exactly the same as before.
But that isnt a problem cuz I find the layout of the original one easy enough (so youre just lucky I find it easy).

Looks of new tiles:

Everything looks fine EXCEPT the rain tiles…. Do not only make rain tiles with like ehh (let me count) about 20 rain drops in it…. Make tiles with a few drops too so people can choose to make many or few rain drops in their level (not like you did in the example level, you placed the tiles with about 20 drops just on some places… That didnt look well cuz in real if it rains lightly, you dont have a few clumps of about 20 drops in it that are falling appart of each other with plenty of space between them, no, they fall constantly with clumps of like 3 to 7 drops in them….
Next time think of that!!!

Originality and effort:

Hmmm, originality…, well, it was a very original idea I must say, I really liked it much and I think I am sure it will be used much (I think im sure, did you read that????).
But on some things you didnt put that much effort in them and they turned out bad. So next time I hope you’ll think of some things you didnt think of this time…

Did I like it???

Eeeehhhmmm, if youve read this review from Holyoli till THESE THREE WORDS I think you’ll already know the answer….

But for the lazy ones here is the answer: YES I LIKED IT VERY MUCH, I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!

Download Recommendation???

Uuhhhmm, well, YES OF COURSE, especially if youre like me, then youll like LOVE it!!!

P.S.: The musics where great!!! They fit the versions perfectly (except for the evening one).
This doesnt count for the rating.

Hehe, finally ive almost finished my review, and I’ve come to a rating that looks as followed: a 8.5!!!!!

Yay, W00T, Hurray, clap your hands for PJ7!!!!!!!

You did a great job man, but remember next time to think of more things. Also take more time for making them and/or editing the colors.

Thanks and kudos to you for making this great conversion!!!!

Cya later every4!!!!

~~ Jazz-Les was here ~~

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Review by WerBack3>>

3 Dec 2006, 08:50
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness11%

I like it!
However, it seems that I can’t open the rating menu!:(

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