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26 Sep 2007 at 21:03 (Minor update on 27 Sep 2007)

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Fjolsvidr (More uploads by Fjolsvidr)
Tileset conversion
Neobeo for Tileset Extractor.

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bcbinnen.j2t Battery Check - Binnen 127.96 kB 27 Sep 2007
bcboss.j2t Battery Check - Boss 86.95 kB 27 Sep 2007
bcrain.j2t Battery Check - Rain 103.39 kB 27 Sep 2007


I think this is legal now that Battery Check is freeware.

Here are the three Battery Check tilesets, converted. I used a hex editor to add the standard .j2t header to the three tilesets, then used Neobeo’s tileset extractor on them. I converted the resulting pngs into bmps and built the tilesets in 1.23 JCS.

I have set rating options to N/A as I did not draw these tilesets. They should be identical to the originals, but JJ2 compatible.

EDIT: I have fixed the problem with mask inversion. (masked was unmasked, and vice-versa).


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Review by Fjolsvidr

26 Sep 2007, 23:25 (edited 27 Sep 07, 20:46)
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I didn’t know the rain one was already done, no harm :p

Once I added the header, the CRC inside the .j2t was no longer valid. This meant that the tileset was now visible in the 1.23 JCS tileset list, but gave a ‘file size incorrect’ error when I tried to load it. To solve this, I rebuilt the tileset. This was impossible before the hex editing, because Tileset Extractor could not load the tileset until the header was in place.

EDIT: Violet, I consider my method to be easier.

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Review by Violet CLM

26 Sep 2007, 23:22 (edited 13 Jul 10, 09:21)
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…wait, why did you debuild and rebuild them? Isn’t that redundant? (the Rain set was done years and years ago, btw.)

RE: Look, it’s simple. If the CRC filesize long is incorrect, just replace it. If you don’t know how to calculate it, make another .j2l file of the same filesize as your product and take the (working) CRC filesize long from there. That’s what I did for Lost Levels.

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Review by Pyromanus

27 Sep 2007, 00:52
CTF Bug (3 Points)
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All the masking is inverted

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Review by Jerrythabest

27 Sep 2007, 17:29 (edited 27 Sep 07, 17:31)
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Will be a lot easier to do this with perfect result as follows (I made the latest, still unavailable, version of Castube this way):-

1) Get 1.10o JCS from whereever you can get it
2) Screenshot the tiles and place them in some drawing program like Mspaint (you may want to rearrange the tiles in the JCS layer view if you like and add tiles to them to suit JJ2’s needs)
3) Screenshot the masks the same way and recolor them so that anything that must be unmasked is black and all masks are a color that doesn’t even come close to black
4) Get the palette by making a screenshot in the game with F12 and load that palette into the screenshotted tileset (and masks! those palettes should be the same) with a tool like Jasc Paint Shop pro (be sure the JJ2 palette is correct and that transparent stuff is either plain black or this one weird color)
5) Optionally, rearrange the palette colors for better use of palette events
6) Compile the tileset ^^ yer done

This will get a perfect tileset with awesomely full support for JJ2, as you must remember BC lacks any event tiles. Also the palette events and other stuff will look exactly how you want it.

Nice work anyway ^^


P.S. You may want to start converting JJ2 tilesets into 1.10o ones already as BCCS is coming up ;p

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