Déjà vu?

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4 Apr 2008 at 13:40 (Minor update on 4 Apr 2008)

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DEJAVU.j2l Déjà vu? 7.96 kB 04 Apr 2008
DEJAVU2.j2l Deja Vu? 7.75 kB 03 Apr 2008
Orbitusv.j2t JJ1 Orbitus 67.73 kB 03 Dec 2003
electric.mod electricdrug 136.16 kB 28 Jun 2000


This is a remake of Battle1. Yes, I did make one before called Familiar Nature but that one failed so badly. I rushed out that one too quickly.

This time, I had been working hard on this level. I also wanted to release this in time for the Bash.

+Seeker PU is no longer campy.
+Water Shield has been removed
+Buggy copter is gone and been replaced with the Blue bouncy things.
+Other PUs like Toaster and RF have been added
+Removed un-necessary Destruct Scenery up top
+Included Chat Room for those who want to chat or be idle

NOTE: DEJAVU2.j2l is a version without the chatroom which would be useful for Duels, 2v2s, etc.


Thanks to Ragnarok for helping out with the making of this level and his brilliant suggestions.
Also thanks to Ragnarok and Anubis for helping me with the re-spawning Fly Carrot MCE
Thanks to Thijsieboy for suggesting the Chat Room.
Finally, thanks to everyone who played this while I hosted this level.

Now, download & ENJOY! =D


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

PurpleJazz rated 7.0

Well, this is a decent remake, but I felt that more could of been done. At least the author tried not to make it just a meer tileset change by making a few modifications to the gameplay, which improve it a little, although doesn’t effect it drastically. I think this is an ok effort, but is nothing compared to the awesome Charnel Keep.

RecommendedRedComputer rated 10.0


[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules. ~cooba]

RecommendedDuke rated 10.0

NICE MAN. U did a HELL of a job. I LOVE IT. I respect your hard work, and i know how it fells like converting a map. MAN. The Battle 1 is a castle and i LOVE the castle tilesets,but what u did with it…I also like that there’s no copter, so u don’t have to wait, and all those modifications.It’s simply good. What to say i must give u a 10 … Oh and im enjoying it :D

Regards from RC Duke.
(Made quick review, since literally the only point you make is that there is no copter in this version. ~Violet)

RecommendedSeren rated 7.0

This is a cool remake and an improvement in every way, but it fails to address some of the main issues with battle1, such as its one-directional layout and low number of carrots. It also overdoses on powerups placed in walls. And I mean all of the powerups are in walls. Still, the level is fairly playable.

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