Pokljuka Heights

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6 Jul 2009 at 11:24 (Minor update on 16 Dec 2009)

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poklj1.j2l Dylan Spruce 6.52 kB 28 Nov 2009
poklj2.j2l Border Pine 4.97 kB 28 Nov 2009
PokHigh.j2t Pokljuka Heights Day 106.33 kB 12 Jul 2009
PokHigh.j2t [POKLJUKA HEIGHTS] 79.08 kB 05 Jul 2009
PokHigh2.j2t Pokljuka Heights Night 106.36 kB 12 Jul 2009
PokHigh2.j2t (POKLJUKA HEIGHTS) 79.05 kB 05 Jul 2009
PokHigh3.j2t Pokljuka Heights Autumn 106.36 kB 12 Jul 2009
PokHigh3.j2t <POKLJUKA HEIGHTS> 79.09 kB 05 Jul 2009
PokHigh4.j2t Pokljuka Heights Ice 106.33 kB 12 Jul 2009
PokHigh4.j2t \POKLJUKA HEIGHTS/ 79.10 kB 05 Jul 2009
florom.it "Floating Room" 247.81 kB 01 Sep 2009
POKLJUKA.JPG 49.68 kB 09 Aug 2008


Pokljuka Heights

Theme: Nature [cold]
Usage Difficult: Easy
Quality (according to average ratings): Good
Description: Pokljuka heights is a venue of north-western Slovenia. Slovenia is a tiny land, bordered with Italy and Austria. Pokljuka features pines, mushrooms, streams and a fresh air. It’s located above Bled and Gorje.
Noteworthy details: Remote pines on layer 4, 3D bridge, slope streams, a hut, spikes, double pine layer, big mountains + clouds background, alternate grass/soil.

Play the eg. levels on res. 320×200.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.7

RecommendedNapo-Leon rated 9.0

wow…. such an outstanding tileset… goodjob :)
i highly recommend that you download it :)

Recommendedminmay rated 7.5

Very well drawn, but missing a lot of things. There isn’t really enough foreground eyecandy, and there’s a blaring lack of certain necessary gameplay tiles – vines, destruct scenery blocks, et al.

RecommendedSebek aka Slayer rated 9.2

great tileset, good luck with next tilesets :D

RecommendedIscha rated 8.5

This winter-version is gonna be the tileset from a Boss stage in the next episode we’re working on!

RecommendedDuke rated 9.2

This a really nice tileset. I really like it, at specially because it’s cartoonish. Good job, at specially the eye-candy!

RecommendedGreenTechB rated 9.5

thanks for this tileset i used it for my level and gave credits to you :)

[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules. ~cooba]

RecommendedPT32 rated 8.0

Wow. That’s a great word for this set.

Great colors and excellent eyecandy. I thought it was great. DL rec.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.8

RecommendedReview by fearofdark

7 Jul 2009, 21:36
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

Casualty Mines was an exceptional tileset, and a hard one to follow, but I must say, I am very much impressed with this set aswell.

This is another artistic tileset, particularily for the background tiles such as the mountains and the trees, which are very well made. I think the streams are also excellent, especially because you can make them animate too. This set also has some decent spike tiles too, unlike Casualty mines, and there are some other creative possibilities aswell. There are also the standard Gus characters that come with the set, creating possibilies for a story. Comes in several different versions too, which is a bonus (although it would have been helpful to name them Pokljuka Heights 1, Pokljuka Heights 2 ect. so they appeared more organised in the tileset list).

However, the tileset is missing a few things. For example, it’s missing some blocks that you could destory/trigger, which means if you are planning to use this set for a level, you’ll have to substitute something else. You have also missed out the ends for H/V Poles (I couldn’t find any anywhere). Also missing some vines, and (as before) the water and caves could offer more opportunities (although this may be down to tile limits, which is fair enough).

DOWNLOAD?: Of course! I still love the looks of this tileset. Although, it doesn’t have the same impact for me as casulaty mines, and there are a few things missing. It’s still worth a download for any jazz fans out there.

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