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19 Jul 2009 at 19:51 (Minor update on 19 Jul 2009)

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Rokk (More uploads by Rokk)
Single player
Epic Games and Project Two for the levels, Rokk for the edits and bonus levels.

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File contents

BilsyBoss.j2l Bilsy Boss 1.63 kB 19 Jul 2009
BollyBoss.j2l Bolly Boss 8.81 kB 19 Jul 2009
Bonusboss1.j2l MultiBoss 16.07 kB 19 Jul 2009
BossPractice.j2l Boss Practice 1.97 kB 19 Jul 2009
BubbaBoss.j2l Bubba Boss 9.76 kB 19 Jul 2009
DevanBoss.j2l Devan Shell Boss 8.09 kB 19 Jul 2009
DevanRobotBoss.j2l Devan Robot Boss 13.74 kB 19 Jul 2009
Queenboss.j2l Queen Boss 17.10 kB 19 Jul 2009
SchwartzenguardBoss.j2l SchwartzenguardBoss 12.08 kB 19 Jul 2009
UterusBoss.j2l Uterus Boss 10.54 kB 19 Jul 2009


This is a pack of levels to practice bosses. It puts you in normal levels, just before the boss in each level. It also comes with 2 bonus boss levels. Perfect for people who want to practice or just like fighting the bosses.

To start, unzip everything to your jazz jackrabbit 2 folder, and start “Boss Practice” in your home cooked levels list.

Update: Bug fixed where you were stuck in the wall in devan robot boss stage on start.

Update #2: Fixed crash when finishing last level.


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Not recommendedReview by mortalspaz

20 Jul 2009, 05:56 (edited 20 Jul 09, 09:31)
Turtle Goon (70 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings43 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness76%

please don’t upload files that aren’t yours…
I don’t know why i should rate this levels but let’s go on.

These levels are all Epic levels except 2.One is Dx’s Cave level and it looks like you made 1 on your own.

“missing animation”… No story!


All the Boss levels from the original JJ2 game have a Jazz start near the boss in every one of them. So your contribution is just with that wall next to the “Jazz Start” event.
I don’t think you ever heard of JJfly and JJnowall…
I played the levels from the begining :D ,so it won’t be that annoying and boring.

The JJ2 levels (this vs.) play:

You start at the end of each level, there’s no posibility to go back(because of the “so called” wall which is badly made in most cases.) you just have to stomp or fall or get to the boss to defeat it.

And in that Bilsy level you made there’s no gameplay.
You shoot some blocks and warped on a place to beat Bilsy.


“MA!” same as jj2 game.

Enemy and Picup Placement:

Same as jj2 again. There’s absolutely no change of anyone of them.

I have nothing to say of the author,where he lives, about his clothes ,his voice, etc.

So without saying anything else:
You should make your own levels and my rating is 3.2! with no DR

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Not recommendedReview by SPAZ18

20 Jul 2009, 11:45
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Just… don’t.


Only 2 of the levels were actually made by the author. The first being the level where you can select to either face the original bosses or the “bonus” bosses.
The second level is just a poorly done Bilsy battle where you start off by shooting some destruct scenery producing tilebugs after being shot. Next you walk into a warp and have to face Bilsy and you don’t even get ANY weapons to help. Killing him with just the Blaster is very hard even on the Easy difficulty.
As for all the other levels most of them are just the EPIC originals and the other level is the boss arena from Dx’s Cave. The player is placed just before the Boss arena and a very badly designed wall has been inserted to block the player from going back through the level. The Labrat one was done badly. I got stuck in the wall on starting this.


This is basically a sort of Boss Rush level pack except NOTHING has been changed at all. There are already some perfectly good Boss Rush packs available.

I’m gonna give this 2.0 since the only effort that was put into this pack was in the Bilsy level and the level selection part.


No, you must design your own levels and not just edit orignals.

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