Reworder v0.9

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7 Aug 2009 at 03:33

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Tested by cooba, n0, and TechnoPauluz. Based on work by Neobeo, Overlord, and CaTaPhRaCt.

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File contents

ReworderEx1.j2l Inventory 1.61 kB 18 Jul 2009
ReworderEx2.j2l Hidden Passage 1.10 kB 08 Jun 2009
ReworderEx3.j2l Layer 4 1.68 kB 06 Aug 2009
Egypt_Light.j2t Egypt_Light 181.15 kB 18 Nov 2000
ReworderEx1.rwmacro 0.06 kB 30 Jun 2009
ReworderEx2.rwmacro 0.12 kB 30 Jun 2009
ReworderEx3.rwmacro 0.14 kB 06 Aug 2009
cncs232.dll 279.00 kB 27 Nov 2001
Reworder.doc 54.00 kB 06 Aug 2009
Reworder.exe 1103.02 kB 06 Aug 2009
Reworder.ini 0.42 kB 02 Aug 2009


By stepping outside of JCS, Reworder allows you to use trigger scenery and other such events on foreground layers, and some related effects in layer 4, as well as extending the text string character limit to 512 characters. It supports levels from 1.20 up but not from OEM versions, Battery Check, or AGA. Extracting into a JJ2 directory is recommended so that Save & Run features will work. You should probably backup levels before using Reworder on them, just in case.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.3

RecommendedZoro rated 8.2

It’s really very good tool.
This programm make a super tricks.
I recommend download it.

[Review changed to quick review. – Violet CLM]

RecommendedMilloCz rated 9.7

OOh 100% perfect program 100% funging . .. this is best program i’ve seen (of course after jj2+,jazz2 tool) :-)

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

RecommendedCobra NF rated 10.0


[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

Seren rated 8.5

This is a very useful tool for learning how JJ2 tile cache works. You probably won’t want to use the utility nowadays anymore because JJ2+ scripting can achieve the same and better effects by generally much less complicated means but even then tile cache remains relevant and this download offers a good way to understand its mechanics.

RecommendedSaVn rated 10.0

Beautiful! This program is also used to repair damanged levels.
I liked the example levels!
DR? Yes

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RecommendedReview by Technopauluz

7 Aug 2009, 21:55 (edited 7 Aug 09, 21:57)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness56%

I see you uploaded it :D

I am sure this program works great, the first betaversion did work already… But now it’s more userfriendly!

When I am back off vacation I finish my battle level using this program for nice effects!

For sure a download recommendation for people that like to do great things with trigger scenery in there levels!

A fat 9 for this great program!


A tip: Look at the example levels first how they work in JJ2 than how it’s done in reworder. That wil help you understand the program ;)

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RecommendedReview by n0

9 Aug 2009, 21:57 (edited 9 Aug 09, 22:00)
Frog (18 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness60%

This program is most excellent, providing a whole new way to look at the Words that each J2L is built upon, making it quite easy to do crazy things such as move various scenery effects (destruct and trigger) to the foreground, background, or tiles that already have events, opening a whole new realm of possibilities to level creators. Expect to see this used for spikes appearing beneath your feet, a “key” on layer 1 that shows you which triggers you have activated, and other things so awesome I haven’t thought of them yet.

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Review by RedMser

26 Apr 2010, 20:30 (edited 26 Apr 10, 20:31)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness33%

The Reworder don’t work. Work offline/for host?
It don’t work for me offline and not for host…

But in a server it works!
The Example don’t work too…

Maybe the new plus?
IDK, but please help me.

Only Example 3 works offline…

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