Syntax's Battle/CTF Pack

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27 Jun 2001 at 06:00

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battlepackreadme.txt 0.51 kB 27 Jun 2001
Arena.j2l Battle Arena 4.24 kB 25 Jan 1999
Dungeon.j2l Syntax's Dungeon 7.70 kB 27 Jan 1999
FFA.j2l Free-For-All 2.70 kB 27 Jan 1999
OotW.j2l Out of This World 2.40 kB 22 Feb 1999
Seaside.j2l Seaside Skirmish 1.79 kB 22 Feb 1999
SunkWH.j2l Sunken Warehouse 1.81 kB 22 Feb 1999
Tunnels.j2l Deserted Tunnels 3.11 kB 22 Feb 1999
MEZ01.J2T MEZ01 35.74 kB 25 Nov 1998
mez02.j2t MEZ02 26.19 kB 24 Nov 1998


After my brother obliterated my old HD and J2C going down, I figured I should re-release this pack to J2O before I lose it for good. My first pack; do whatever you wish with it. Praise its oldness, despise its bugginess, etc.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.2

Review by aiko

Posted more than 17 years ago
I might as well work here (510 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings490 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness82%

This is a great old pack (was originally released in early 1999) consisting of seven very original levels using the following tilesets: Castle (2), MEZ01 (2), MEZ02, Beach and Tube Electric (in this order).

The design of the levels is very, very good (platform style, circular und therefore fluently playble). Apart from that, i really love the way Syntax used MEZ’s tilesets. Pretty creative! The layer work is also quite impressive and original.
Of course, some levels are better than others but the overall quality of the pack is pretty high.
The music doesn’t always fit but that doesn’t annoy me too much.

In my opinion, this is DEFiNITELY WORTH THE DiSKSPACE and all battle and CTF fans (you can play it in both modes) should have a lot of fun with it! DOWNLOAD NOW! It’s close to a J2 classic, i’d say.[This review has been edited by Aiko]

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Review by FQuist

Posted more than 17 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (49 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings41 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness71%

A very old, cool levelpack. I remember the levels were quite fun to play.

Battle Arena: bad eyecandy..the tiles were variated a lot, but layers were barely used.
Good open design. Is it done on purpose that most of the level is built so that it tries to send you upwards?

Syntax’s Dungeon: Pretty much the same really.. under-average eyecandy, but neat design.

Free for all: one of my favorite syntax levels. The design is awesome. It’s circular, and very fun to play. The eyecandy is good. It still doesn’t use layers, but it looks like it was taken care of better. It doesn’t bother me this time.

Out of This World: Again quite nifty design. Good use of lightning.

Seaside skirmish: A small level with good design. Eyecandy is nothing special.

Sunken Warehouse: some might remember this level from jdc. Very neat circular design, and very fun to play. The eyecandy again isn’t spectacular.. the level has quite some bugs.

Deserted tunnels: design is good. Eyecandy is better. The bg layers are a little full, but the effect is nice

Overall: a pack containing very well designed levels. I don’t care that much for the eyecandy because these levels are designed so well and are so fun to play..

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

I think this was a bit overated for me….

Lets starrt with the caslte levels. The eyecandy could of been WAY better and the level sometimes looks dull and ugly. The placement, i have no major complaints but could of been a lot better. The gameplay is leveling of beetween average and good.

The mez levels, some like the tunnel one were used good, the only one with good eyecandy was the tunnel one, the rest, the eyecandy was below average. The placement, in one level i saw some spaz biased platform with powerups, and the warp tiles looked weird and took back from eyecnady a bit. Gameplay was good though.

The tubelelctirc one: The eyecandy was not much better than the rest, except for the tunnel one, and the gameplay was ok. Nothing more to say here
The beach one: I really think the tile placement/eyecandy was the worst here, tiles placed poorly, i dont know if there even was any eyecandy, except layer 4 and 8.
Unlike others, i treat eyecandy as equal as gameplay, and the gameplay saved this from a 4. If the eyecandy was taken care of more, the level could of got a higher mark from me. I’ll give this a d/l reccomendation to those who dont care about eyecandy much.

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