Project Testudon

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27 Jun 2001 at 06:00

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README PLEASE.txt 2.43 kB 06 Jul 1999
AmmoD.j2l Ammo Dump 6.29 kB 05 Jul 1999
MarineC.j2l Marine Coast 6.16 kB 05 Jul 1999
PowerG.j2l Power Generator 5.13 kB 05 Jul 1999
MEZ03A.J2T MEZ03a 42.69 kB 12 Oct 1998
Alliance.xm "ALLIANCE" by DRAX 487.98 kB 06 Feb 1999


Another old one of mine to hit the archives; the only one of its kind (that I know of). Multiple modes of fun (namely all of them). Call it linear and it’ll poke your eye out. :)


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Review by EvilMike

Posted more than 17 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

This is very linear. HAH! You can’t poke my eyes because I have glasses! Nyah :P


Seriously though, I’m not sure how to rate this. The levels can be played in any mode you want, although they would probably work best as battle. They are all layed out OK, but I can’t actually say they have a good layout. Because of the fact that they are compatible with so many modes (especially singe player) makes the layout suffer. The small rooms with the signs and the large amount of warps is probably the biggest problem. As I said, this is very hard for me to rate. I give it a 6.2/10 for providing an interesting experience.

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Review by aiko

Posted more than 17 years ago
I might as well work here (510 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings490 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness82%

Well, i have to admit that, when this level pack came out in summer 1999, i really liked it a lot!
“Project Testudon” includes three levels using Beach, Tube Electric and the “bright” version of Mez’s third tileset (MEZ03a).
The pack had and still has some fresh ideas and used a style of event placement that is still unique.
The actual level design is above the average…pretty good. Lots of platforms and secret rooms (which are dead ends sometimes so the author has to use some warps to make it circular). Eyecandy is existant but there isn’t TOO much of it :-) Some people may complain about the tile placement…it may seem kinda weird in some places, but it’s not made without sense, i guess.
The level i liked most back then was “Power Generator” and the main reason was the music: “ALLIANCE” by DRAX/Vibrants is another masterpiece from the scandinavian tracking scene and it fits perfectly for a MEZ03 level and to the whole atmosphere. Very good choice!
Well, despite the fact “Project Testudon” doesn’t fit into a certain category, i like it because of it’s originality and the insane event placement. My advice: DOWNLOAD NOW RiGHT NOW and figure “it” (whatever that may be) out!

Devan doesn’t think forward, he thinks backward.

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Review by MEGACAL

Posted more than 17 years ago
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Good not Bad[This review has been edited by MegaCal]

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