30's Great Siege

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11 Sep 2010 at 13:21 (Minor update on 11 Sep 2010)

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GaLana,Lithium and some others

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elcsiege.j2l 30's Great Siege 6.35 kB 11 Sep 2010
OWSwamps.j2t LMAT: OW Swamps 198.35 kB 06 Sep 2010


A medium CTF level,that is kinda castle style made,with some demons as soldiers and useless text strings. Special thanks to GaLana for helping with beta-test and some advices,Lithium for just betatesting. No long descriptions =D Music: http://www.mediafire.com/?stw3judv77ciyu7


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

Ron97 rated 8.1

Though the gameplay seems fine,the eyecandy could still be improved and that’s why I can’t give more than 8.1.

Galana rated 7.7

I gave Archer a few advices, but I think I still can rate this. To be very honest there are a few things which don’t look good (though they don’t ruin the gameplay which is the most important :P). I have to notice that gameplay is really fun. In overall the level deserves a fair 7.7. Sorry but ec might be better.

Recommendedeagle1 rated 8.2

Gameplay: I found this level very nice. Skele’s style seems kinda original. Eyecandy: Sure shows alot of war style,on starting it had a bit better eyecandy but I don’t mind the way you changed it it’s still good. Toughts: I really hope this level will be featured once.It deserves 8.2 for sure.Keep on with a good work ! :)

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Review by Toni_

11 Sep 2010, 18:12 (edited 11 Sep 10, 18:15)
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness55%

Well I want to review this level. A new clan for level makers is here. Great job for making it. You made some levels together, and this is 3rd I think.
This is a small level, probably made for duels ( I don’t think someone can 2v2 here :P ).

I don’t like this music, it doesn’t fit with theme of level. Music is like intro for some indian movie. Like Aladin :). On the start it’s like WATHC OUT, TRAIN IS COMMING! And it ends very bad. When you think now is going to be a good song, BOOM it finishes.

Other thing, you put too much ammo in this level. On every platform you can get ammo what is really bad. You used 4 Power Ups, what fits with this level (If you see there are 2 PUs what makes 1 damage), but again there are a lot of other ammo in this level… Also on 1 platform you can get 100 ammo… Isn’t it too much (I mean 2 power ups one next to the other)? That’s the only one thing what I hate on Snooze’s Minimal Duel, he added that on 2 places. Also there are a lot of seeks. You can never be without ammo.

Gameplay is not the best imo. You suddenly can go through wall when you think “now I’m in a trap”. Down there is bouncer PU. Very, very bad choice to place it there! I think there are too much platforms, and everytime you get a full-speed, you crush into a wall, the same as in Diamondus Warzone. I found 1 tilebug: 68,19, problem with layer 3. That warp where is bouncer has two warp targets what is not good. If you’re hunting an enemy, you can warp to the other warp target, and he can warp to fullNRG and get it.

Eyecandy is good. Not the best what you can do with this tileset but it’s okay. You used buildings, what is okay, but I don’t think they are visible. That black tile is very dark so they’re not visible that much. If you stand on 43,11 and 17,12 you will see some copy-pasted “buildings”. I don’t like to have in background masked tiles, like here, and on red base. I wonder why you used only “wood and blocks” tiles of this tileset. You should use some waterfalls or that snow to improve eyecandy.

2 Carrots for level like this are too much! +1 is near red base, and full NRG is, well in the middle. I don’t like how slow you can get full NRG from red base, and how fast from blue base. You can shoot full NRG and make it next to blue base. Isn’t it a BIG advantage for a blue team?

I must include tilebugs what are in background in rate. There are too much tilebugs for someone like you. Don’t be angry on me please. I hope you will fix this, send me PM (by pressing on “major edit” or something like that) and I will change my rate. ;)


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